I'm a writer, entrepreneur, and traveler obsessed with technology, travel, science, and the world we are living in. Konkret handelt es sich bei Reon Pocket um ein 54 x 20 x 116 Millimeter kleines Gadget, das mithilfe eines eigens dafür designten Shirts im Nackenbereich zwischen den Schulterblättern getragen wird. It will be 1st launched only in Tokyo [Japan]. This wearable technology redefines the perspective of ‘Air Conditioner [AC]’.Reon Pocket of Sony will be the Für unterwegs hat Sony mit Reon Pocket jetzt eine bessere Alternative zum Abkühlen am Start. Sony’s Reon Pocket completes the phrase ‘Staying Cool’… Never did the phrase be more meaningful. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, The Reon Pocket sounds great. The “REON POCKET” application is a dedicated application for operating the wearable thermo device “REON POCKET”. Laut Sony kannst Du Deine Körpertemperatur mithilfe des Gadgets um bis zu 13 Grad Celsius abkühlen oder um bis zu 8 Grad Celsius erwärmen. It would be a compliment after the most anticipated, > It’s a wearable Air Conditioner that slips right into an internal pocket at the base of the neck of a special t-shirt as it’s. Den Mitarbeitern von Technikkonzern Sony scheint es so zu gehen. We will update this article as more news on the US release date for the Reon Pocket comes out, along with US prices and US retailer details.

Sony's Reon Pocket is a unique, wearable air-con unit, and it's out now in Japan. When Read more…, #Apple announces "One More Thing" event for November 10th, 2020... #AppleEvent What can it be? Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4. Deadly Fact: According to ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’, Heat Stroke tops the list of weather-related deaths.

The standard model is Bluetooth-enabled, letting you control the temperature via an Android or iOS smartphone app, and Sony has said that an automatic mode could be added further down the line. Similarly, if you're looking to use it as a heater, at full blast, then you'll get a couple of hours before needing to charge the Reon overnight. © 2014-2020 TURN ON, All rights reserved. Has there been any information locally about where one can buy it? wearable technology redefines the perspective of. up with an ingenious wearable device to tackle it. It won't last you through long walks or car journeys through sweltering states, but that's still impressive longevity from a device no larger than a regular computer mouse. $59.99 $ 59. Sony claims the Reon Pocket can reduce the body temperature of the wearer by an impressive 23 degrees (Fahrenheit) on hot summer days. (Image credit: First Flight JP (via YouTube)).

The wrath of the soaring heat and the rising body temperatures are a deadly combo to have a ‘Heatstroke‘. Die Verbindung zum Smartphone wird mithilfe von stromsparendem Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (LE) hergestellt. > It reduces the discomfort caused due to varying temperature in hot summer outing, packed crowd, winter cold outing, etc. You will receive a verification email shortly. mess up your whole appearance [Especially Ladies]. The problem is that there is no app for IOS in Europe! As the crowdfunding campaign for ‘Reon Pocket’ is successfully completed. > You can wear any kind of outfit over the device which will stay secure in an internal pocket of a special t-shirt. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Reon Pocket ist ab sofort für umgerechnet 107 Euro bestellbar, allerdings bislang nur in Japan. The price of Reon Pocket varies from ¥12,766 [$117] – ¥9,030 [$175] depends on the version. It supports both iOS and Android. Reon Pocket of Sony will be the 1st of its kind and will be the world’s smallest portable AC. > Pocket ‘Standard’ is equipped with an upper hand feature. Sony has announced that the launch will be on March 2020.

While it's only currently on the Sony Japan store, a US release date is expected to follow soon.

> Pocket ‘Standard’ is equipped with an upper hand feature.

NY 10036. > The battery life of the ‘Reon Pocket’ is just 2 hours. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Reon Pocket Lite.

> The battery life of the ‘Reon Pocket’ is just 2 hours. More Buying Choices $45.85 (3 used & new offers) Best Seller in Personal Fans. However, it cools much quicker and more effectively than fans, so is ideal for anyone who regularly finds themselves in pockets of heat, without the comfort of a regular central air conditioning unit.

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The Sony Reon Pocket - a personal, wearable air conditioner - is available to buy right now. The Sony Reon Pocket does seem to be a smart device, and those seeking personal air conditioning while spending time outside will relish the chance to buy one and try it out for themselves. Right now, all you need to do is wait for it and stay tuned for further updates. Download REON POCKET apk 1.2.1 for Android. At $120 from the official Sony website, it's reasonably cheap, although not on the same level as a small personal fan. Visit our corporate site. There was a problem. > It rather sits on the base of the neck and employs the ‘Peltier Effect‘ [It’s a process where the heat gets absorbed (or) emitted by the device when a short & low electrical pulse is passed] to either reduce your body temperature by 13°C [23°F] (or) raise it up-to 8°C [14°F] to warm you up when it’s chilling. Kein Frieren mehr! The temperature can be regulated using a mobile app. It will be 1st launched only in Tokyo [Japan]. > It rather sits on the base of the neck and employs the.

electrical pulse is passed] to either reduce your body temperature by 13°C [23°F] (or) raise it up-to 8°C [14°F] to warm you up when it’s chilling. Kälte hat mit diesen 7 beheizbaren Wearables keine Chance, Xiaomi nimmt Herzgesundheit ins Visier: Smartwatch Amazfit Verge ist da, Amazfit Verge 2: Huami präsentiert neue Sportuhr mit EKG-Funktion, Ein Herz für Nutzer: Neue Amazfit Health Watch überwacht Deine Herzgesundheit, Mit der geht 007 zum Sport: Huami stellt neue Amazfit GTR vor, Amazfit Sport Watch 3 oder Bip 2? As temperatures soar higher and higher every year, hot sweaty days are getting longer and longer. It charges via a USB-C connection, which is standard for most electronics in 2020.

Revealed mid-2019, with an expected price of $120, the Reon Pocket is a device the size of a small smartphone that can be carried around on your person, inserted into special shirts, or just placed near the wearer. It would be a compliment after the most anticipated ‘Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics‘.

> Pocket ‘Lite’ is cheaper than Pocket ‘Standard’ as it comes only with the manual mode operation.

This wearable technology redefines the perspective of ‘Air Conditioner [AC]’. Einmal in die kleine Tasche des Shirts eingesetzt, lässt sich Reon Pocket über die zugehörige App steuern. Right now, all you need to do is wait for it and stay tuned for further, This is a sponsored post with Sony. Der Text ist zwar nur auf Japanisch, der Inhalt ist aber auch ohne Worte verständlich: Reon Pocket ist nur eines von diversen Produkten, die Sony über seine hauseigene Crowdfunding-Plattform ins Leben rufen möchte. Reon Pocket is a revolutionary next-gen piece of tech that has changed the perspective of Air Conditioner.

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