Doing this will glitch the game, allowing you to access your inventory from the Librarian's own menu. If you're interested in making the max amount of money in the game (999,999), try the following. The story begins with Richter Belmont's defeat of Count Dracula, mirroring the end of the former game. The game's story takes place during the year 1797, 5 years after the events of Rondo of Blood.

To get effortless experience follow these simple steps:

The best part about this trick is that the familar will kill the zombies and both he and you will get the experience making this absolutely simple in gaining levels.
Defeat Dracula with anything below 200% and you'll see Maria and Richter waiting for you outside the castle. Every

- If you beat him without getting damaged, Alucard earns +5 HP. Holy glasses never reveal secret doors or anything like that.

At the name select screen, enter your name as AXELORD then go to the Settings screen. Great deals of HP will be taken away from him. How much percentage is each of the rooms I just mentioned? at this point go back to near the start of the game where the zombies keep coming out of the ground.

Email. Get the Holy Glasses and defeat Richter.

Blood, Gore, Animated Blood and Gore, Animated Violence, Get the Holy Glasses and all Four Endings, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Wiki Guide, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. shield does something different.
I'll 2x the value for finding the rooms in the inverted castle, as well.

Play Track 2, and you'll hear a special song.

Hit the doppleganger with the Medusa Shield, and he will turn to I believe you have to have it beaten once first. Is the wolf form useful in any way whatsoever. In the area just past the zombies in the entrance right above the merman(this is the only place you see merman in the game), there is a big rock that you can break open on both sides to enter it. But just when you think you know the layout already, you find some crucial elements of the castle have been rearranged, it's stocked with bigger and badder enemies, and even the music has changed! The completed map shows a secret room connected at the bottom left of this area.

Rooms 4 and 5: Orlox's Quarters and Akmodan's Chamber It's the two rooms above and below the hall on the second floor of the bell tower, above the confession room, but I think to get 5 more percentage points for the best ending, I need to find a LOT more secret rooms. Follow the path to find Maria, she'll give you the Holy Glasses.

, 1. If you kill a Paranthropus enemy enough, you get an accessory called "Ring of Varda."

Room 1: Outer Wall compared to the Shield Rod, not to mention faster to use.

Room 7: Pit to the Catacombs 1. hand button (normaly the O and Square buttons) simultaniously and you will Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. If you have the Shield Rod you can do this trick. Dracula’s castle has risen again and it’s up to the mysterious Alucard to face Dracula and save the world from his nocturnal embrace.

When you stop flashing, run toward Galamoth so only the Alucard Shield is touching his leg. Take these to the clock tower and equip them. Experement with different shields to find

These secret room ideas are awesome. Destroy the discus lord that is positioned just below the entrance of the first castle several times, eventually he will drop a Jewel Sword.

Once you get 500,000 go back to the librarian, and purchase the Duplicator.¿Then go BACK to the inverted castle, and equip it.¿By this time, you should have at least ONE of the Power of Sire items.¿Equip that as well.¿Voila, you have an infinite supply now as long as you have the duplicator equipped.

, Now go to the room in the inverted¿church thing (forgot the name off hand), and enter the room with the big sword that is surrounded by spears and shields.¿Use the Power of Sire, then leave the room, and go back in, use it again, and so on and so forth.¿Within an hour I had ALL my familiars powered up to 99/99.¿, To get the Holy Glasses you need the gold ring (after beating the Succubus in Nightmare, located in a side path in the long tunnel to the underground) and the silver ring (in the hall of spikes in the tower, you need the Spike Buster armor from the underground.) Uncover all the mysteries of Dracula’s castle in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night! You can get a Mablung Sword if you keep killing the Poltergeist in the Anti-Chapel of the Reverse Castle, the big floating sword with spears and sheild as back-up. Just be sure that as you attempt this, you have at least one sellable gem or jewel in your inventory, like a Diamond.

They only allow you to see the orb controlling Richter. You'll find a cool new suit of armor in your inventory. Put the Castlevania CD into any regular CD player. Get AT LEAST 199.1% and defeat Dracula. These secret room ideas are awesome. The cheats page makes mention of playing as Richter in the Japanese version of the game, but you can play him in the American version as well.

. play through the game like normal until you get your bat familar.

Room 3: Colossem and Reverse Colossem It shoots TWO of the black fireballs demonstrated by Dracula in the opening scene. re: Map completion, hidden rooms Yeah, I know, it's usually frowned upon, but I didn't want to have like 5 edits in one post. Life Max Up and HP Max Up icons indicate where those items are located. There are lots to select from. If you do this right, the wolf will send Alucard flying across the next room completely skipping Death and preventing him from taking Alucard's original items.

Room 6: Clock Tower and Reverse Clock Tower Every house should have at least one hidden room or fake bookshelf. I'll 2x the value for finding the rooms in the inverted castle, as well. In the room before the Birdman boss, Hack the right wall at the top of the room. and attack. Do the same in Akmodan's Chamber's (Orlox's Room in the Inverted Castle). After beating the game once, start a new game and enter your name as AXEARMOR. but I may be wrong.

, As you start the game, go through like you normally would.¿But this time, don't but alot from the librarian.¿Only get the Jewel of Open, and 1 or 2 Library Cards.¿ The proceed with the game.

, Once you get in the inverted castle, keep going and get AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE. Maria will have also escaped and tell you she's continuing her search for what happened to Richter.

, For the 3rd and 4th endings, do this first: Get the Holy Glasses and equip them, but DON'T kill Richter. with it that much to find out. Down in this 'lair' Maria is waiting for you once again. Secret Rooms. If executed correctly, you can then talk to the Librarian as the spell is being cast. Items and Equipment are in green, relics are in yellow and bosses are in red. Attack him mercilessly with your weapon until he turns back to Hack the wall on the left wall to get a Pot Roast.


You first need to visit Shanes’s house in the Slums. In three hours my bat went from level 2 to level 60! The Life Apple is only useable if you have the fairie card on. For example, with the Alucard Sword, press DOWN, DOWN-FORWARD, FORWARD, and then ATTACK to perform a teleporting slash. out which one you like.

As soon as he starts to stand up, activate the Shield Rod combo (Square+Circle). You can get Heaven Swords as a rare item by killing the Cloaked knights (flying knights that toss their swords at you).¿If you have two of these, equip one in each hand and press both square and circle to activate the special attack. Alucard will escape the destroyed castle and say a few things before going back to his eternal sleep.

, 2. In order to reciece the jewel sword you must first break open both sides of this rock, then you must go through i t once as a bat, then once again as a wolf. Stay where you are with Alucard facing the next room (it doesn't matter whether you get wounded or not just jump over the second wolf and stand still). (note.This is a very helpful way to purchase the coveted duplicator)There are 2 ways you can obtain the Jewel Sword as follows.

When the sword is spinning transform into a bat and go to the left doorway. Attack the orb, but _don't_kill_Richter_ (hint: the Sword Companion will serve you well here) After a bit of

The only good thing this thing does is that the Mablung Sword has a higher attack damage and bonus def. It's the two rooms above and below the hall on the second floor of the bell tower, above the confession room, but I think to get 5 more percentage points for the best ending, I need to find a LOT more secret rooms. The first room is in the room with the Sprit Sword. There will be a narrow vertical space that (when you jump into it) will lead to a Life Max Up.

. Also, when you are equiped with the shield rod if Near the beginning of the game, there is a room full of mermen. The room with two wolves in it. Ok, easy way, but a bit time consuming, to get experience for all your familiars. The best place to try for this super-item is the inverted castle; there's a hallway near where you fight The Creature boss that has three of these enemies (Doppelganger10 in the normal castle).

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