It's honestly a perfect idea. Depends on what you want to use it for. Virtually every creator/producer that has been with the site for any considerable amount of time is either well, well above 15 tracks (many only under 3 minutes each) or right on the cusp of hitting 15 tracks. Soundcloud is a website that was built by small time creators. 2020 • NEW SoundCloud Premier Monetization FIRST SOUNDCLOUD PAYMENT How Much Does SoundCloud Pay per Stream? Find someone who loves your work, find work that you love that's at a similar playing field. Yet until half a year ago, they weren’t. Soundcloud is dying, almost claimed bankruptcy last I read. IF they counter (which they will) it will likely be $1k. fwiw I don't miss my pro subscription one bit. When checking out a service, just scope the page out for a week and see how the tracks they repost are doing over the span of a few days. Soundcloud is still really good for networking and building a following in a grassroots manner. SoundCloud invited me and the information they gave was very little on how to actually utilize the premier program. For now, thanks to those who have been civil in discussion of this matter. First of all, don't ever feel like anything is too "low". If you are a promotion company or a blog of some kind, you would need the space to upload an unlimited number of songs. Also, a semi-amazing legit service is RepostExchange. Like, a lot of this would be totally fine if I was using an ad-supported free service or something. If you need more storage, that is the only reason I would suggest premium. I'm not really sure honestly I just logged on and it said that I was invited. 9.1k comments. From what has been made public, none of these talks came to fruition. The freedom to do whatever you want with music, is at the core of what has driven the community of SoundCloud and its extraordinary traction with electronic music fanatics. Free shit is cool but no one is entitled to it. We’ll talk about how monetization came to life, the grey area of rights on the platform, Premier features and how to qualify. To apply with them, place an application here. But there is some real talent also. I've gotten better results from smaller channels like Wonxx repost because it targets dubstep listeners than I have from huge services like Artist union. How do I add featured profiles and any of the other things that you can do? It rose in popularity as an avenue for producers and musicians to share their art in an accessible environment. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WeAreTheMusicMakers community, Continue browsing in r/WeAreTheMusicMakers, Press J to jump to the feed. The Second Edition just came out and features a ton of strategies on how to grow your audience and get more plays. All you should really worry about is if what you are doing/paying for is actually helpful. As of December 5th, Soundcloud has announced that upload limits will not be changed this upcoming Monday. Not a lot compared to the $295 million that ad-supported on demand streaming generated for US music industry in 2014, but it’s a start. Depends. So if you are picky about what type of stuff you repost to your channel, then you may have to sift through a ton of songs in order to find one that you think is fit to repost to your page. Are your tracks good enough to put in front of an audience? I feel like this is kind of a "low" thing to do and disgenuous attempt to get likes/plays... How do you guys feel about it? But what you do get is a bunch of real people reposting and often liking and following if they dig your music. If this new implementation goes through on December 9th, then Soundcloud will become a shell of what it used to be; users will leave for other platforms in droves and everyone will be worse for it.

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