Twin Assault Cannons: Hands down the best option. The original link I provided here for the Companies of Fenris book brought you to the GW page where you could see the Apple Store Downloader, however, the link does not appear to be working anymore. As stated in the Wargear section, I didn't have enough experience with them to confidently state what they should be equipped with, just that I knew they were good. it gains +1 to hit rolls in the Fight Phase. Though the Leviathan brings ridiculous dakka to the table, in a comparison of shooting ability Bjorn looses out. When they die, on a 4+ they get to shoot twice (since they didn't move in your opponent's movement phase). Bjorn the Fell-Handed: Comes with Trueclaw, Heavy Flamer, and an Assault Cannon. Make sure they are in range of a Wolf Lord or Bjorn so they can reroll hit rolls of 1 when overcharging their Plasma Guns. Cross your fingers that this will be corrected in errata, otherwise accept that whatever loadout you use will be awkward and unoptimized for the role you use it in. After playing several games with this guy, I think he makes a very good defensive anchor for your army. But you can stick stock terms in front (or behind, depending on range stuff), and there's reliable delivery mechanisms for 'suicide' drops, and tervs may be an obnoxious thing. The section has a link to a Reddit post detailing the Space Wolves Markings and a link to the book I use an image of the book I use.

I personally use the Companies of Fenris book. 0000013573 00000 n Oh and that 5+++ and subsequent 6+++, if you take the [Tenacious Survivor] Warlord Trait, can be used to ignore Mortal Wounds. I have tried [Cunning of the Wolf]* with Hellblasters as well, I just usually prefer them in the middle of my army, protected from smite. (Please ensure you click on "Warhammer 40,000" when navigating to this link, as the webpage defaults to Age of Sigmar). We just are distinctly an index army.

Upgrade Battle Leaders, Blood Claws and Reivers with STALKER PACK keyword Properly supported, this thing can annihilate swathes of the enemy army. 0000004861 00000 n

Please ensure you are using those updated point values when making lists. I'm still debating... All I play is space wolves. 0000022544 00000 n Notably.

While the extra bling looks nice when well painted and can alleviate some of the boredom of painting 30+ troops by focusing on making each one look individual, it also makes things more time consuming. Its a little like killshot, in that your opponent needs to kill one tank to negate the stratagem. The jury is still out...but the verdict is likely yes. It will be added to the post by next week. I will be working on a 2.0 guide to be released in January 2019 which will take into account our Codex, the Big FAQ 2 of 2018 and 2018 Chapter Approved (not yet released, out in December 2018).

I believe the exception is Hellblasters because they carry just such a powerful weapon, any Space Marine Chapter could make use of them. For Murderfang and the Venerable Dreadnought, I did not intend to place Murderfang "above" or "ahead" of the Ven Dread. GW should have fixed that. It’s not going to be perfect on its release date, but I am striving to be as close to it. Edit: Want to clarify that I don't think they are bad, I just didn't include them in the "Efficient units we have access to" section because of the reasons listed above. Use Dark Angels stratagem the Lion and the Wolf to see what +1 WS, attack, strength and leadership can help the wulfen leader. Plus you get to field a Terminator without it being cripplingly bad. 0000000016 00000 n So for now my thoughts are basically... At least I get Wolf Guard Tartaros in exchange for my Wolf Guard Bikers? Not necessarily a bad thing but all other Space Marine Chapters can do it. h�b```b``=�����w�A�X��,Snd`����0�+(u����j:%��f���&�$�����KhhEGG���dl�D�P����+�PشO��B�9�:f�c�;��!Z=O��0��h�|c=a���Ĭ)��zԦ�0���yB?뾗 Now you have multiple potential targets for your.

He makes a great bodyguard because this guy can brush off the biggest and deadliest of weapons with his 3+ 3++ 6+++. As an alternate take, Wolf Guard can drop with Storm Bolters and Frost axes for some anti-horde frontal assault.

The WG PL offers 2 attacks with the axe and the GH offers 2 attacks with the axe in addition to a single shot with a Bolt Pistol. 8th edition is kind of a mixed bag for the Deredeo. 2018 FAQ 1 has removed this capability. But just like with intercessors, they don't have access to Plasma weaponry which is Tier 1. The cost of this unusual ability is the loss of ranged firepower - the Thunderhawk Transporter is armed with 'only' 4 Twin heavy bolters and a Hellstrike missile battery. Remember that if Bjorn moves, it’s a -1 to hit with his Heavy Weapon meaning his 2+ to hit in the shooting phase becomes a 3+ after the negative modifier.

Probably the best Primaris unit we have access to. Space Wolves New Player Info and FAQ. Space Wolves are master of the ferocious assault and their bombastic leaders are amongst the most feared and respected warriors in the 41st Millennium. Many a rage has been caused by an opponent who has spent an entire shooting phase (of units in LOS) to chip off 3-4 wounds from my Axe and Shield Dread, and then I regain 3 of them. Against GEQs, you'll do a lot of damage even at short range, but not enough to outperform the Kheres, and you'll face similar scaling problems at any range, largely because as your ability to guarantee the "splatter" improves, your splatter's actual value gets worse. Saying that, there is always those times you roll low in a sticky situation. Wolfguard on Bikes are important because there are two primary approaches for you to consider, all of which use storm bolters (Only 2 points) and either focusing on a unit that will crash into chaff, or just kite (attack with ranged weapons in rapid fire range, but stay just out of reach of the units that want to attack them.). But, ironically, he then has to sacrifice his grav-chute (not that scary), instead taking the same smoke grenade that Incursors get. Bring out the Plasma, Flamers and the big guns because your going to need it. Update: Since FNP abilities no longer stack due to 2018 FAQ 1, Bjorn's best Warlord Trait would now be [Legendary Fighter] giving him +1 attack on the charge. A small premium in price compared to running a 5 man LF unit, but thanks to the CA fuckery, the only way your opponent is challenging these guys parked in backfield terrain is through dakka, so maxing out at least your anti-tank LFs is advisable if your list is lacking redundancy in that department. Now your terminator wolf guard with the thunder hammer storm shield has 2 more wounds (to 4) and re-rolls to hit and wound rolls for the rest of the game (and now they are a character, they can pile in 6"). and we don't offer them any improvements. Very Very fluffy narrative which means you could have lone wolves every game.

Honestly though, if you want terminators to hold points and kill chaff, use the base unit. They need to choose between shooting Carbines, or carrying knives. [Stratagem wording is not right from the book, needs to be edited]. With the changes to morale in this edition, smaller squads are better. Forgot to mention that Grey Hunters also have the added benefit of being able to choose several Dedicated Transports.

Compared to the red thirst, it is both better and worse. Of course, you can keep Saga of the Wolfkin - it's harder to activate, but once it's up, you've traded threat range for quantity of attacks, which is usually going to be better, once you're in the thick of things.

The opposing player rolls a D6 and it lands on a 4. O�Ƿ����_�Q�Q�W���3��0o�¼���/�+����ʼ��Jf��Y��dV0+��Jf��Y��dV0+��Jf���(�L�}�,ǜ��ƜJ��X����l>ꮻ-K(�X��Pe��?� �i6a�� ?� � endstream endobj 82 0 obj <> endobj 83 0 obj <>stream

If you have a thing for cats, or varied naming conventions, the sons of Fenris don't want you. I was initially excited about using it with Wulfen, but in practice, even with the free reroll, it's not great.

More importantly, mortal wounds can be used to bypass otherwise durable targets. At S9 AP-5 D2. 0000001603 00000 n In melee it is a mixed picture, the Enhanced Repulsor Fields make the Astraeus harder to engage and hit but it lacks the option to mount any flamer for point defense; the Fellblade can mount up to 3 heavy flamers which will inflict significant overwatch casualties on attacking infantry. Boasting 8” movement, a massive 8 toughness, 8 wounds, 5 strength 12! About the Author: Huge fan of the Space Wolves faction. S+1, AP-2, D:D3. Again, its good, but what you really need are more ways to enhance wounding. While they do cost as much as Reivers with grapple guns and grav shutes, they do deny deep strikes within 12" of them meaning the majority of Rapid-Fire weapons can't upon arriving and more importantly enemy units, Arguably the best use of Infiltrator squads in the new codex is as a universal. 0000015077 00000 n All proceeding sections have had their numeral increased by 1 to compensate. The 70 wolves and cavalry running toward them using cover etc, or the turn 2 deep strike into cover of 4 units of wolf guard.

Mathhammer: The Twin Lascannons have twice the rate of fire and twice the range as the Multimelta, at 60 points rather than 47, with similar performance against the same targets for the rest of the statline, but the targeting restrictions on them can be quite aggravating, since they will happily target things like BEASTS or SWARMS that you don't care about.

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