Untrue IMO. No more will the word "Saiyan" mean anything but failure." 2. User Lists: 0 #1 Edited By Flameburn146. Reviews: 0. When Gogeta uses Big Bang Kamehameha on Omega Shenron, he loses every Dragon Ball except the One-Star Ball. As Omega prepares to finish off Vegeta, Goku emerges from the crater of Omega's failed attack, readying the Universal Spirit Bomb, his ultimate and final technique. @mysticmedivh: Well regular Zamasu is only ssj2 level. He is the main antagonist in the Hero Mode of Ultimate Tenkaichi, wishing with the Black Star Dragon Balls to make Earth a living hell, because he found peace to be "So boring". While Omega attempts to counter the wave, he receives another surprise: Goku powers up and uses his Dragon Fist attack, which seems to obliterate Omega. 0. Disgusted at the Four-Star Dragon's acts of mercy towards the Saiyan, Syn Shenron uses a sneak attack to dispatch Nuova Shenron before turning his attention to an enraged Goku. Long black spikes protrude from his shoulders, elbows, back, and knees. Neither team really has any feats or than scaling....SS Rose Black Goku stomped SSJ Blue Goku/Vegeta. Immortal, but not invincible.". I just plopped right in to the future Trunks story line, so I am a bit confused. Even when the two Super Saiyan 4's teamed up on Omega, Omega still grossly outclassed them. Goku changed back to normal, and Janemba was just about to kill Goku when Vegeta saved him from the final attack, and Janemba wasn't even beat up that bad. Although impressed that his foe survived the hit, Gogeta informed Syn that they both knew that a second hit would be fatal to the Shadow Dragon, and immediately began charging another Big Bang Kamehameha. Nonetheless, Omega was considerably stronger than both Goku and Vegeta at Super Saiyan 4, forcing the duo to attempt another fusion. lol. Omega takes his time to brutally impail and torture Vegeta, and then finally knock him out when Vegeta attempts to avenge Goku's supposed death. SSG goku destroys omega with the same ease as SSJ4 Gogeta, if not even more. Super Buu with SS4 Gogeta and Omega Shenron Absorbed vs SSB Vegeta. However, unlike some past villains, does not let his enemy power up to make the battle more interesting. Despite this, he still calls himself "Omega" Shenron and retains his Omega Shenron voice in the English dub. Does Vegeta one shot this pink freak or does he get defeated. Incapacitate him? Although Goku is able to land a few hits, none of them do any damage (even a direct hit from a Kamehameha had no effect), and he is completely dominated by Syn Shenron, who batters him around and ultimately leaves him hanging unconsciously from a fairground tower. Team. Forum Posts. @mysticmedivh: I think it's going to end up with Zamasu being sealed like Elder Kai personally. Despite consuming only six Dragon Balls, Syn became Omega Shenron once more, but with less-than-full strength. Omega Shenron uses Eye Lasers to catch the 4-Star Dragon Ball. Surprisingly, the dragon still lingered, albeit as the weaker Syn Shenron. Consequently, Omega's attack ended up clearing the influence of the Shadow Dragons from the Earth (it is implied that this is why Gogeta spent so much time toying with Omega; by goading the dragon enough to use his ultimate attack, he was able to completely undo all the damage the Shadow Dragons did to the planet). Sure it was a pretty big boost but I do not think that the boost will equal SSJ4 Vegeta and Goku seperately.

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