Eleanor tries to defend the latter and is rebuffed by her father. 1. By definition, community-oriented nursing has the goal of preserving, protecting, or maintaining health to promote the quality of life. 5. The nurse who met with several groups to discuss community recreation issues, The nurse who spent the day attending meetings of various health agencies, The nurse who talked to several people about their particular health concerns, The nurse who watched the city council meeting on local cable television. Prepare for a successful career as a community/public health nurse! DIF: Cognitive Level: Analyze (Analysis) REF: pp. Making sure that essential community-oriented health services are available defines which of the core public health functions? Which of the following interventions would most likely be implemented by the nurse? 15. Chapter 01: Community and Prevention-Oriented, Population-Focused Practice: The Foundation of Specialization in Public Health Nursing Stanhope: Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community, 9th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE One of the primary focuses of improving the health of the American people in the twenty1. Two days after the bishop's arrival in Barchester Harding and the archdeacon visit him. When talking to a womens group at the senior citizens center, the nurse reminded them that the only way the center would be able to afford to provide transportation services for them would be for them to continue to write letters to their local city council representatives requesting funding for such a service. (Select all that apply. Because patients move quickly from acute care settings, there is a growing need to organize health care delivery services where people live, work, socialize, and learn (Swiadek, 2009).One way to achieve this goal is through a community-based health care model. To maintain communication links with the groups, To make the groups feel good about their contribution, To work with the groups, not for the groups. People prefer to receive care in their homes rather than in hospitals. 12. A nurse is developing a plan to decrease the number of premature deaths in the community. After pressure from a local reformer, John Bold, and from the Jupiter newspaper, he resigned, continuing as rector of a small church, St. Cuthbert's, and as precentor (leader of singing in the choir or congregation) in the cathedral. It is much more efficient to give care in the home. Threats of bioterrorism, anthrax scares, and the emergence of modern-day epidemics have drawn attention to population-focused safety and services. The new government for the bishopric of Barchester thus selects a representative of the Low Church faction, Dr. Proudie. Which groups are at the greatest risk for problems? The definition does not fit the terms. Their meeting is unpleasant as Slope and Mrs. Proudie lecture them on the evils of train journeys on the Sabbath and complain about the state of the Episcopal palace. Historically, health care providers have been accused of providing care. Which of the following best describes case management? Chapter 8: The ex-warden rejoices in his probable return to the hospital. ), Test Bank for Cengage Advantage Books Business Law 8th Edition by Goldman, Test Bank for Marketing Management A Strategic Decision Making Approach 8th Edition by Mullins, Test Bank for Microbiology Fundamentals A Clinical Approach 1st Edition by Cowan, Solution Manual for Nutrition for Sport and Exercise 3rd Edition by Dunford, Test Bank for Integrated Science 6th Edition by Tillery, Test Bank for SELL 4 4th Edition by Ingram, Solution Manual for Marketing Management 1st Edition by Iacobucci, Solution Manual for CHEM 2 Chemistry in Your World 2nd Edition by Hogg, Solution Manual for Human Resources Management 12th Edition by Gary Dessler, Test Bank for Financial Markets and Institutions 10th Edition by Jeff Madura. An increasing number of clients are receiving care in the home because it is less expensive and clients prefer to receive care in familiar and comfortable settings. DIF: Cognitive Level: Understand (Comprehension) REF: pp. Which of the following public health nurses most clearly fulfills the responsibilities of this role? 6-7. Bold, regretting his action, married Harding's daughter, Eleanor, and later died leaving Eleanor a large inheritance and a young son. The reader is introduced to the new bishop, a church liberal and thus seen as useful by the Whigs, and his dominating wife, a strict believer in proper religious observance and the promoter of the career of Mr. Obadiah Slope, the bishop's chaplain. We are told the history of Mr. Slope. The health of individuals cannot be separated from the health of the community. endobj DIF: Cognitive Level: Apply (Application) REF: p. 4. 11. He met Mrs. Proudie in London when a young preacher, and she, supporting his theology furthered his career through her husband. The Bishop of Barchester, old Dr. Grantly, is on the point of death, and the government is about to fall. a. (Select all that apply. Which question would be the most relevant for the nurse to ask? Assessing the effectiveness of the large high school health clinic, Caring for clients in their home following their outpatient surgeries, Providing care to children and their families at the school clinic, Administering follow-up care for pediatric clients at an outpatient clinic. Which of the following actions would most likely be performed by a public health nurse? <>/OutputIntents[<>] /Metadata 1177 0 R>> In most nursing practices, the client seeks out and requests assistance. Which of the following variables have led to a stronger commitment to population-focused services? 1 Chapter 01: Community- and Prevention-Oriented Practice to Improve Population Health Stanhope: Foundations for Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing, 5th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A nurse executive is implementing evidence-based practice at a community nursing center that serves a large Cuban immigrant population. What was the nurse trying to accomplish through this action? Why would the nurse spend time meeting with community groups to discuss the most important task to be addressed first? Their elder daughter, Charlotte, runs their household life, while the younger, Madeline, who had married a captain in the Pope's guard, Paolo Neroni and then left him, crippled and with a baby daughter, is carried everywhere on a sofa so that her difficult walk will not make her less attractive to men. Stanhope cares little for religion and his wife cares only for clothes. (Select all that apply. Although the public health nurse might engage in any of the tasks listed, he or she works primarily with members of the community to carry out core public health functions, including assessment of the population as a whole and engaging in promoting health and improving the environment. He is a powerful preacher, very popular with women, a supporter of the Low Church and, like Mrs. Proudie, a Sabbatarian. Chapters 11-20. 4. Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community, 9th Edition provides up-to-date information on issues that impact public health nursing, such as infectious diseases, natural and man-made disasters, and health care policies affecting individuals, families, and communities. Chapter 05: Cultural Influences in Nursing in Community Health Stanhope: Foundations for Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing, 5th Edition 1..A 40-year-old Bosnian, Muslim woman who does not speak English presents to a community health center in obvious pain. a. Assess, plan, implement, evaluate b. a. As overall health needs become the focus of care in the United States, a stronger commitment to population-focused services is emerging. Ethelbert (Bertie), the Stanhope's son, is what would be termed nowadays a "loser", with no career and no religious convictions. Although all of the choices represent components of a decision that the nurse might consider, the dominant needs of the population outweigh the expressed needs of one or a few people. Public health is based on scientific knowledge but is not a core function. The archdeacon, as a result of meeting Slope, decides to encourage high church practice in order to aggravate him. 1,800 C. 2,000 D. 2,300. Which of the following actions demonstrate(s) effective public health nursing practice in the community? The nurse often has to make resource allocation decisions. Evidence that public health nurses are practicing effectively in the community would include these: organizing services where people live, work, play, and learn; working in partnerships and with coalitions; and participating in epidemiologic studies. Chapter 16: Program Management Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following is the primary focus of public health nursing? Chapter 7: The dean and chapter take counsel. Which of the following best describes community-based nursing? Historically, health care providers have been accused of providing care for or to people without actually involving the recipients in the decisions. Two nurses plan to walk under a huge downtown bridge where various homeless persons live.

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