In addition to the highest number of new visual effects, Star Wars suffered a heavily-skewed color palette, to the point that flesh tones begin to take on incredibly rosy complexions. Hier geht es zu seinem Blog. This doesn’t bother me much, considering I don’t sit close enough to my 40-inch TV to notice a difference, but pick accordingly to your tastes. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. its fucking beautiful. The shear amount of dedication. Each MKV file is quite massive, weighing in at an average of over 30 GBs, with bitrates approaching an average of 20 MBPS. It is a high quality replica of the out-of-print theatrical versions created by a team of Star Wars fans, with the intention of preserving the films, culturally and historically. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Despecialized Edition mercifully corrects this, using a well-preserved 35mm print as reference for correct theatrical color timing. Und auch heute ist das so eine Sache mit Audio-Filtern. Sind die Nebengeräusche zu extrem – ist es fast unmöglich, bestimmte Audiosignale anständig herauszufiltern. Ich mache mir nicht all zu viel Hoffnung, dass sich das bei den Blu Rays ändern wird.

Mit den englischen Original-Tonspuren war das kein Thema.

Hier der wahre Grund. shit mix, its named after a high school drinking game. Doch in Deutschland stand man vor einem Problem. I want to see the cut of the prequel trilogy that pares all three of them down to one movie. Merken Sie den Unterschied?

Probieren Sie es aus. All of the discs are finished with full motion menus which further push the official feel of this set. Even in these lower-bitrate versions, made with upscales of the Laserdisc-derived 2006 DVD releases of the original trilogy, were quite a step above the official Blu-ray release of 2011 in fidelity to the first-released cuts. It's kind of pathetic (on Lucas' part) that they actually have to resort to this. All are presented in DTS-HD Master Audio, and while most certainly aren’t reference-material, hold up to the official releases quite well.

Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit mir auf. Wer also Luke, Leia und Darth Vader mit Engelsstimmen hören möchte, der muss auf Surround Sound verzichten. Die alten Synchronbänder gab es nicht mehr – was also tun, um auch in Deutschland die Zuschauer mit Star Wars in Surround-Sound zu versorgen? I'm too young to know of many of the changes. The film is no longer forced to conform to the look of the prequels, appearing as it once did in 1977.

Danke für die anschauliche Erklärung! If you are going through the official channels, visit this Harmy-approved guide, which will walk you through the different methods of obtaining the digital files, whether in the full MKV versions or lower-quality AVCHD files. Wow, that's a lot of work. For this review, I used v2.7 of Star Wars, v2.0 of Empire, and v2.5 of Jedi, in two forms: the full MKV files and a custom blu-ray set made by editor NJVC. The consensus is, these blu ray releases are completely shoddy and the additional changes are simply horrible.

Eigentlich nicht schlimm. It looks like a shit ton of work was put into this, smh @ dismissing it like this (or hating on any fan work in general when you're not forced to take part in it): why can't he keep in stuff like having the offiicer's insignia on the correct side? wenn ja wie sie das Problem hoffentlich für die Blu-Ray-Veröffentlichung im nächsten Herbst fixen werden. I read up on these a bit over the weekend. NJVC’s blu-ray set was briefly unavailable due to the creator pulling it from circulation–it appears that several unscrupulous individuals were selling the sets on Ebay.

They can only get more faithful to the originals. While both versions contain the same multitude of audio and subtitle tracks, the blu-rays lower the bitrate slightly in order to fit every feature onto a disc. Finally, each one provides an English Descriptive Audio track (so caring and thoughtful of the fans. Picture comparisons of how each shot was de-specialized. The dark years of the late 1980s have passed, as have the Lucas years, where Star Wars was kept under the stranglehold of a veritable Darth Vader, a man who has become everything about the Hollywood system he used to hate. Ich wurde über Twitter darauf aufmerksam gemacht.

While he was hardly the first, one can say this method of fan editing truly came into its own with Czech editor Harmy, and his excellent Star Wars Despecialized Editions.

Aber: das führt zu ungewollten Nebeneffekten… Ich zeig das mal hier an einem Beispiel: [Audio:]. There are also audio commentaries available from the Laserdiscs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, with Star Wars also presenting a rare official website podcast commentary by Pablo Hidalgo. I know it's a great time to shit on Lucas and the Star Wars releases. Happy Holidays from The Movie Maestro! Picture comparisons of how each shot was de-specialized, Harmy introduces the Despecialized Edition of Star Wars and its sources, Awesome article and interview with Harmy on the Despecialized Editions by GAF's very own mandiller. Harmy's Despecialized Edition is a fan-created film preservation of the original Star Wars trilogy films: Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983). a custom blu-ray set made by editor NJVC.

Great review though.

Zuerst sehen Sie einen Ausschnitt aus der Ur-Version von Star Wars – dann die Variante aus den Neunzigern. The latest versions are still in 720p, but look stunningly beautiful in their original forms compared to the official releases, which are varyingly faded or glossed over with digital enhancements. Wenn, dann kann die Lösung wahrscheinlich nur lauten: Neusynchro. All in all, this is a great time to be a Star Wars fan.

So awesome and funny at the same time). The blu-ray set by NJVC doesn’t really handle the grain field as well, but as I mentioned before, unless you’re sitting right in front of the TV, this isn’t really something you will notice. Vielen Dank an @jensscholz, der mich via Twitter auf die Lispel-Problematik bei Star Wars aufmerksam gemacht hat. Und auch heute ist das so eine Sache mit Audio-Filtern. Category: Reconstruction. – Man muss genau hinhören – aber tatsächlich: in der aktuelleren Version wird gelispelt. Whats that called again? Mein Name ist Stefan Margenfeld und ich bin Sprecher. I like the idea of an HD No-SE SW. JavaScript is disabled. Klasse, das wär‘ mir niemals aufgefallen.

Und man weiß ja von anderen Streifen (Saturday Night Fever, Flammendes Inferno, Robin Hood), dass das nicht immer Begeisterung auslöst. Top: 2011 Bu-ray, Bottom: Despecialized v2.7.

Change ), FAN EDIT REVIEW: The Star Wars Trilogy – Harmy’s Despecialized Editons, View damoviemaestro’s profile on Instagram.

All you need is a blu-ray burner and the discs, and you are good to go! Star Wars Sounds. watched a new hope last night. I bought the 2006 Unspecial DVDs so I'm probably good to go. My Music; Other; Personal; Podcasts; Politics; Prank Calls ; Radio; Sound FX; Sports; Television; Travel/Int'l; Home Movies Star Wars Sounds.

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