According to the official Stihl website, the new MS 260 Pro chainsaws have engine displacements of 50.2 cubic centimetres (cc), or approximately 3.06 cubic inches. Having a high-value tool at hand will rejuvenate your love for cutting firewood and logging. Heated handles. Before I spent a dime on a new "toy saw" I would look on-line for a nice condition used 026.

Nothing Like A  Modded Saw To Start Your Day!!! If you have a 026 in your garage, basement or shed, it will have the same specifications as the MS 260 Pro, only the Pro model has a slightly different engine displacement and includes an automatic chain-oiler. A multimeter allows you to test voltage and resistance. Hearing about any wood related task will spring you off your couch. Clutching the saw chain may quickly push the guide bar towards the operator. //specify random images below. imagelinks[3]="" According to the official Stihl website, the new MS 260 Pro chainsaws have engine displacements of 50.2 cubic centimeters (cc), or approximately 3.06 cubic inches. The Stihl 026 is a defunct chainsaw model that the Stihl Corporation now sells under the product name MS 260 Pro. You can just rebuild a worn out Stihl 026 with fairly cheap parts and make it work like it was new. In order to comply with safety standards set by the American National Standards Institute, Stihl recommends using only 16-, 18- and 20-inch bars with the 026 chainsaw. If you need a longer bar, you should be looking for a larger chainsaw.

Your vehicle computer uses this information, along with data fr... Harley-Davidson actually used to make golf carts. Determine The Best Way To Digitize Your Old 35mm S... Can Individuals Have Multiple Roth Ira Accounts, Top Ten Places To Register For Wedding Gifts, Pros And Cons Of A Limited Liability Company, replace-your-birth-certificate-in-california. It has a lot of power for a smaller saw without breaking the bank. Engine displacement is a measure of how much volume an engine's pistons are able to displace in a single cycle.

The longest bar recommended for the 026 is 20 inches, whether or not it's a bar designed for reduced kickback. The Harley-Davidson Shovelhead engine requires different oil types depending on modifications. Most turn-offs for chain saw users have been about the weight and durability of the product. Also, unlike four-stroke engines, two-stroke engines require that you pour in a mix of gasoline and oil, not just gasoline. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. It spreads out its use through furniture building, construction, domestic uses and also industrial purposes. For a smaller saw, this is definitely a good one. So even if you buy a used saw like this and it is in worse shape that it appears for the outside you can still come out pretty good by just rebuilding yourself. The 49 cubic-centimeter, two-stroke engine on the Stihl 026 isn't designed for a long bar or heavy-duty cutting. */

Choosing it as a vocation required guts and audacity due to its tiring outcome. The bar length fitting extends to 20 inches; very versatile. Do not use the chain saw with one hand; this will injure you or anyone around. It drives high power and speed narrowing the amount of time spent on cutting. Woodcutting and logging have for a long time been a travailing experience.

They are rugged and built to last for years. imagelinks[2]="" Stihl 026 Bar Specifications. //-->,