So, contact your local council if they provide such services when needed! Most metropolitan councils provide hard rubbish and waste collection to its households free of charge once a year. Who can book a collection?We provide 2 hard waste collections for our residential customers each year. Cardinia hard rubbish, Knox council hard rubbish, Stonnington hard rubbish – you might know someone searching for the following phrases. The Resource Recovery & Education Code of Practice as referred to in Community Local Law 2.1 requires that residents use the council-provided bins for collection correctly. The 2020 hard waste finished in May 2020, the 2021 dates will be available on this page early next year. Reduce heat gain through windows Overview, Reduce heat loss through windows Overview, Event locations and registration Overview, Use your cooling system efficiently Overview, Seal evaporative cooling outlets Overview, Seal gaps around doors and windows Overview, Seal gaps around walls and floors Overview, Plastics and rubber manufacturing Overview, Boiler, steam and process heating Overview, Recovered resources market bulletin Overview, Recycled organics market development Overview, Interventions to address litter issues Overview, Microplastics Citizen Science Project Overview, Victorian Biomass Residue Generation Estimates, Lifecycle assessment of kerbside recycling, Lifecycle assessment of kerbside recycling Overview, Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Report, Victorian Local Government Annual Waste Services Report Overview, Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Report, Victorian Recycling Industry Annual Report Overview, Victorian statewide garbage bin audits Overview, Better practice resource recovery centres, Better practice resource recovery centres Overview, Council waste and recycling centres Overview, Improving Resource Recovery in Local Government, Improving Resource Recovery in Local Government Overview, Educating about kerbside and recycling Overview, Guide to standards for kerbside collection, Guide to standards for kerbside collection Overview, Resource recovery strategy and planning Overview, Waste and recycling in multi-unit developments, Waste and recycling in multi-unit developments Overview, 2019 ResourceSmart Schools Awards Overview, 2017 ResourceSmart Schools Awards Overview, 2016 ResourceSmart Schools Awards Overview, 2015 ResourceSmart Education Awards Overview, Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans, Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans Overview, Planning for waste and recycling infrastructure, Planning for waste and recycling infrastructure Overview, Victorian market development strategy for recovered resources, Victorian market development strategy for recovered resources Overview, Victorian organics resource recovery strategy, Victorian organics resource recovery strategy Overview, Victorian waste education strategy Overview, Buy Recycled Conference and Expo 2019 Overview, ICT acceptable usage policy for external users, Victorians' perceptions of climate change, Victorians' perceptions of climate change Overview, Waste flows in the commercial and industrial sector, Waste flows in the commercial and industrial sector Overview, de-clutter your house of possessions, appliances and furniture that are no longer in working order. San Francisco is one city pursuing a “zero waste” objective. Check with your local council for details.

2017 © Copyright Waster Pty Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Use WM Waste Management’s council search to find out about hard rubbish waste collection in your area, or contact your council directly to find out whether there will be an annual collection in your area, or if you need to book a hard rubbish waste collection. My local council (stonnington) accepts TVs, electronics materials, white goods for free, but bigger items like furniture and mattresses have a fee. Let me explain it as clearly as possible to you. Different local councils have their own set of rules; read and memorise them.

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