Mounting hardware including necessary adjustable perches etc. These are good for cars with up to 450 ft/lbs of torque, depending on their condition. The Superlite GT-R is a close replica of the same car that raced and podiumed at Le Mans. The RHD version will include a mirror-image RHD dash, the correct chassis offset, and the proper steering rack and column modifications. Chassis Construction: All-aluminum monocoque tubular hybrid, billet machined suspension mounts, fully TIG-welded. You’ll likely have plenty of room, even if you are an NFL tackle. This roller package is outfitted with nearly $20,000 in options including parking brake, front and rear lift assist, V8 Graziano and more. In 2005, Ford released a street car called the Ford GT that bore more than a passing resemblance to the original race car that made so much history at Le Mans. CNC cut and TIG welded mounting brackets for adaptor plate. Includes front/rear brake bias balance bar. The Superlite GT-R is a close replica of the same car that raced and podiumed at Le Mans. Heat and Air conditioning system, specific to the GT-R. See details in the configurator. See options list for a light weight column designed for racing with no switches, plastic covers, electric assist, etc. They also didn’t have the speed of the better-financed teams. It's really a race car, and quite low, so be prepared for scrapes, and the bodywork damage that causes. This simpler configuration also has intrinsically less drivetrain losses compared to a conventional transmission/driveshaft and rear end. For example, the fuel tank is located in the safest position possible- between very strong chassis members, in the middle of the car (instead of being at the front or rear of the car where it is more likely to be ruptured in an accident.) So what does all that have to do with the Superlite GT-R? Can be provided in RHD or in LHD version at no extra cost, Custom fiberglass seats (see configuator for options). Is the car safe?No vehicle of any kind is risk free to operate. We expect that most of the GT-Rs will use either the Ford mod motors, or the ever-popular LS engines. It also has packaging advantages. Body Construction: Fiberglass or optional carbon fiber, ©2007-2019 Superlite Cars All Rights Reserved  |  Legal, Superlite Cars, 31795 Groesbeck Highway, Fraser, MI, 48026. There is no interior finishing needed, no air conditioning (unless you want it for the street), no concern for storage, etc., so there is just less to manage in the build. Dual brake master cylinders (1 each for front and rear brakes), including remote-mount reservoirs and appropriate low-pressure lines to master cylinders & fittings, Clutch master cylinder, including remote reservoir and appropriate low-pressure lines to master cylinder, Front custom HD wheel bearings including wheel speed sprockets in front with heavy-duty wheel studs installed, Rear custom HD wheel bearings with splined centers for drive shaft stub axle fitment with heavy-duty wheels studs installed, Mount hardware for front and rear wheel bearings, Pair CV joint stub axles suitable for CV joints, High performance axles rated for 1,000 HP constructed with 300M material and heavy-duty CV joints. The cars underwent constant development, as all race cars do, and eventually, the small team decided they would try to make their life-long dream happen – actually racing at Le Mans. That should be similar to the GT-R in terms of performance. The Ricardo transaxles from the 2005-06 Ford GT cars are extremely robust, and routinely power 1000 HP cars. Rear hoop over occupants with cross bar suitable for wrapping harnesses and all required brackets to bolt to monocoque, Rear braces tied to rear suspension supports including all brackets to bolt to the rest of the cage and chassis, Engine bay cross brace including rod ends and brackets as need to bolt to chassis, Central spider section with door openings. Please contact Superlite for more information to see if your preferred drive train will fit. Can be mounted on a sliding mount to accommodate different drivers. Where can I race it?The GT-R can be raced in SCCA, in NASA, and probably, NARRA. What is the GT-R?It’s a replica of the Robertson Racing Doran GT that raced in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and climbed the podium at Le Mans in it’s only attempt there. The GT-R can be delivered with a very lightweight body made completely of lightweight, strong carbon fiber. 1.5” stainless steel cooling tube kit; builder to provide silicone hose as needed for connections, Custom aluminum baffled fuel tank with all necessary threaded fitment bungs and fuel filler inlet, Tank mounted in original GT location in center of car for comparable safety and handling, Pair Hella DOT-approved projector low beam head lights, Pair Hella DOT-approved high beam head lights, Bulbs and bulb holder for low and high beam head lights, Pair LED front indicator lights including connectors and necessary pigtails. Direct drive, single windshield wiper system with two speeds, auto park, adjustable sweep and supports optional intermittent, rain-sensing module, GT40 period-style dashboard in fiberglass including support for AC and defrost vents. That’s why we designed the GT-R to be able to use a wide variety of transaxles, across a very wide range of cost and performance. Over 50 years ago, the iconic Ford GT40 won the Le Mans 24-hour classic, in a momentous duel with Ferrari. These seats optimize the available seating height which is especially important for taller drivers. For more information about the blue car below, check out the article in Hot Rod Magazine. The GT-R is designed to accept almost any longitudinal drive train. Cables for most current transaxles included- check with your order. It is also a great choice for informal track days at your local track. Please contact Superlite for more information to see if your preferred drive train will fit. While visiting the H Craft Customs shop, we witnessed a GM LT4 engine nestled in a GT-R engine bay. Suitable for cable or electronic throttle. The bigger size also means that there is more room in the engine bay, especially for tall engines with wide dimension, like the modern Ford OHC engines, including the supercharged versions. This car was an obvious nod to their successes at Le Sarthe, and they even sold a version with a “Heritage” Gulf blue-and-orange paint scheme that echoed the livery on the winning car in 1966. Some customers have sent their rolling Superlite GT-R chassis to Smith for completion. Currently for sale at a bargain price Rare Car Network Driver and passenger sit well inside the car, much closer to the centerline to provide additional safety, compared to other cars that have the occupants’ bodies very close to the outside edge of the car. A Porsche G50/52 from the ’89 turbo, is stronger, and will accept more power. A good shop will be able to go over the car, and do an initial suspension setup if you aren’t totally comfortable doing it yourself. Chassis harness specifically designed for the GT-R, with relays, connectors, etc. Well, that Robertson Racing GT became the model for Superlite to create it’s new GT-R(the 'R' stands for Robertson). For track use, available door bars provide more side-intrusion protection, and can be fitted to street cars as well. With all-new technology, designed for mid-engined applications, OEM-levels of refinement and durability, these are a great solution to the transaxle dilemma. You’ll need to provide tires, battery, drivetrain (see below for a discussion of drivetrain details and options), paint prep and paint if needed. Front section with molded openings for fuel filler, head lights, turn indicators, radiator air inlet, brake duct inlets, radiator air outlet, etc. And of course they look correct and are easy to use with Ford engines. Finally, the GT-R will also accept racing transaxles, as from Hewland, Sadev, EMCO or XTRAC. Clutch and throttle limit adjustments built-in. Call if you have something unusual in mind- we can generally make it work. Choice of front and rear Forgestar wheels (details), ©2007-2019 Superlite Cars All Rights Reserved  |  Legal, Superlite Cars, 31795 Groesbeck Highway, Fraser, MI, 48026. What does it cost?Click on the configurator button on the GT-R page for complete details. Custom CNC billet engine-to-transaxle adaptor plate available at no upcharge for LS/Ricardo, LS/Porsche G50 small-block, Chevy/Porsche G50. Grey gel with black powder coated wheels. Dave and Andrea became the only husband and wife team to ever podium at Le Mans, and Andrea was, and is, the only grandmother to ever stride across the podium at Le Mans. We recommend you drive this only on the track, unless you make bodywork changes to raise the front splitter height, as several builders have done. Cable-operated gear shifter and shifter mount for transaxle. It’s not really a drag car, but an experienced driver, and better setup could no doubt improve on that time. I’m a tall guy- am I really going to fit in the car?The GT-R is the most spacious closed car we sell. They did it with a small team, without factory money or help, and against the giants of the industry. It takes much more time (more than a week, compared to about a day for a normal body), uses much more expensive material, and can be made only by highly-skilled fabricators, hence the cost. But we have tried to make the GT-R as safe as reasonably possible. They did have grit, however, and reliability seemed to be on their side as well. per the class rules at the time, and the GT-R should be slightly lighter. Is there a build manual?One is in development. What engines will fit?Because the GT-R is very spacious in the engine compartment, a wide range of engines can fit. Superlite’s GT-R is a home-built, high-performance machine that honors the Le Mans achievements of Robertson Racing. What about the gearbox?Mid-engined cars like the GT-R typically use a transaxle, instead of a separate transmission, driveshaft and rear end. What about forward visibility?The GT-R has very good sightlines, especially for a track or race car. You’ll need to provide drivetrain, tires, battery, etc. Floor-mounted triple race-proven pedal assembly (pedals for clutch, brakes and throttle) manufactured in forged aluminum with adjustable pedals to produce different pedal ratios as needed. They were a bit of an anachronism, being a small family-run and sponsored team in a sea awash with factory sponsored cars. Based on the winning car’s body, the race and Championship-winning aluminum semi-monocoque chassis design that has made Superlite cars famous, and with space for any popular V8 engine in the back all make for a tremendous platform for a track or race car, at a fraction of the price of an original. Because it is capable of very high speeds, it’s prudent to have your work checked out by a pro race shop before you hit the track or the street. Like all the other Superlite cars, it’s designed to be built in a home shop or garage, with normal hand tools. Incredibly, the Robertsons drove their car to the podium with a third place in class in their only appearance at the race. The GT-R also has passive safety built in as well.

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