I don't think the OP is trying to beat it with minimum gear but rather is asking for gear priority with malak possibly right around the corner. Is this good enough to beat the Malak event? Or what would you think the minimum gear level is needed for this 5 character not being used in Malak event? I've never heard of any of these Kotor guys. Fallen Bastilla and HK-47 are g11. I need to get 43 Carbanti's to get Canderous to G9, and then see what I need from there. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Kill the pods and hulk out on malak.....darth revan and company have enough offense to take him down easily. I think that's the point of the post and why the OP said "Hopefully 3 zetas will be enough to get him to that threshold.". So the minimum power is 17500 per character to take into the event. Lastly, of all the characters I am farming. Mod them well too ! Canderous is a work in progress, I will not zeta him.

Juhani is a decent Jedi, but there are better tanks. So canderous is def the one I would leave low geared for dark side. Those are the two "fragile" link you have in this squad. Mobilegamer beat it with Juhani, and Ahnald didn’t have her ready but kept staying in his Malak unlock video that it would’ve been so much easier if he had Juhani and to use her if you could. August 14, 2019 7:26PM.

Max gear level is gear X for some characters, and gear XI for some others. it’s really not hard with a decent DR and squad at all. Her stun is nice I guess since that doesn’t seem to be prevalent in Jedi, but we might be getting more GR reworks and maybe new Jedi, so her usefulness may drop further.

Because its what I have for when the event comes? Between these 3, which should I not get to the 17,500 power threshold?

For Darth Revan -Requires the following characters, all 7 stars: For Makak - Requires the following characters, with at least 17,500 power: Light Side battle (choose 4 with asterisks *), Dark Side Battle (choose 4 with asterisks *), For Darth Revan leave Juhani behind. The minimum gear level (17,500 needs about gear 10 with zeta's and low-mid gear 11 without) for light side (and less dark side, but the question is D-Revan gear, level and skill up in the turn around before Malak) is my key worry. You also want to get about 5 stacks of armor shred on him before you go to town. For Darkside I've got: Canderous G12, zCarth G11, G12 Juhani, G11 Dark Bastila, and zzzDarth Revan G7 or G8. Gear is something that I look at when trying to decide who to farm next when there isn't a clear team fit to go for. just be wary of doing that gear cash grab Lilpup.. it’s a tough event and if you don’t give yourself enough time to mod correctly and get a strategy (mostly talking lightside here) you may be throwing a ton of money away. Plan what gear, abilities, & mods you need to get Darth Malak. My JKR, Jolee and Bastilla are g12 and maxxed. I've got everyone at 17500 or more except Darth Revan. What zeta's will I need to complete the events? and Darth Revan, Fallen Bast, HK-47, Canderous and Carth on dark. Will prob need to do that anyway for the power level requirement. My JKR, Jolee and Bastilla are g12 and maxxed. Anyone know what the minimum gear required to beat Malak? Thank you miketo. Only started gearing them up again recently. I heard dark side is kind of a joke, light side is where the challenge is. Darth Malak event difficulty readiness tool. 122 posts Member. What gear level does Revan need to be for the event? For Jedi Revan leave T3 behind. Darth_Flaccid. No synergy with any of the characters. Canderous would probably be more useful in the future. This hour long video nonsense is just hyperbole. T3 is definitely the weak link on the light side. dudeitsmeross69. Well worth the effort put in. (I already have JKR and Jolee at g12 with full zetas). 3185 posts Member. Duh? Which Zeta is better for the event? Maybe I searched wrong, but 10 min of searching and didn't find what I wanted. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. I fell into this trap with my FO way back when. I really don't want to level both right now and focus on minimum for Events. Certainly was a useful read for me, I'm in much the same place as MasterJediSkywalker and it is useful getting clear clarification. If CG ever gives us a decent droid leader that isn’t wasted being a droid leader (looking at you HK and GG), he might be more useful. Replies. Mod Zal for heavy speed.

I am hoping someone can help me with a few questions.

0. Of the 5 characters needed for Darth Revan only 4 are needed for Malak. This new toon just got released. I just died trying the DS for the first time.

You'll be good. some people did do this with god mods at lower gear levels and then some people with g12+ and all zetas aren’t able to complete it. Let's take a look at SWGoH history since its release, back in 2015. I used a G8 Bastila, but I had G12 for everyone else and all of their zetas. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. I got him with this team and like 2 hours of trying. Watched a vid of a guy to it w/ g10 z and mission, just be wary of doing that gear cash grab Lilpup.. it’s a tough event and if you don’t give yourself enough time to mod correctly and get a strategy (mostly talking lightside here) you may be throwing a ton of money away. Malak Requirements?

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