*tears up*This was just beautiful. He suffers from OCD, a condition so debilitating that he hasn't left his home in months, even for school, he can't bear to hug his own mother and the thought of the pet cat being anywhere near him is unbearable. Which puts him in the perfect place to notice things when his next door neighbor's one year old grandson suddenly goes missing.

so far ,out of 2 books , Goldfish boy has been my favorite book. The book really tought me alot about OCD and i am really pleased that Matthew conquered his fear to solve the mystery. I liked the way he was limited by his cleansimess but could see everything that was going on.

drama. 9/10. Suggest a Title. I think everyone should read this book! Usually I don't do reviews for books even though they are really good. In The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson, twelve-year-old Matthew suffers from OCD.He is afraid to leave his bedroom where he has complete control over how clean the space is. He hates germs and will not go outside. Great character development and arc. My favourite part of the book is near the end when the Goldfish Boy overcomes his fear and steps out from his room into the world outside because it shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and you should never give up. Your email address will not be published. By: Amy Mezni|Published on: Jun 21, 2017|Categories: Reading| 0 comments. His only friend is a Lion on the wallpaper but after a child in the neighbourhood goes missing, he is forced to leave his prison-room, make a new friend, and solve a mystery. If you would like to try out the The Goldfish Boy Book Unit before you buy it, this download contains free samples including: The Goldfish Boy Book Unit contains graphic organizers for an interactive notebook and game activities covering vocabulary, comprehension questions, comprehension, constructed response writing, and skill practice. Is it an accurate/good portrayal? I would definitely recommend this to others as it was such a gripping read. Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson, a review by Ray (age 9), Matty's fear of germs is taking over his life.

I loved how the book was so honest, real and raw. It is Lisa Thompson’s first novel and it is a winner. ( Log Out / 

9/10. This seams interesting but I don't like buying without any recommendations. Your email address will not be published. the mystery was done well too.i i really liked how matthew was so keen on finding the missing child, even though the thought of leaving his house made him sick. Book summary, review, topics & themes, awards, and related book recommendations for The Goldfish Boy 9/10. The theme of this book will appeal to many readers and can really help students to understand what causes a character to change over time. i found this book incredible as the emotion in it is phenomenal.

It deals with this Mental Health Disability in a really sensitive way, allowing children to understand it more and see that anyone can suffer from poor mental health and that there is help available. His hands are cracked and bleeding from cleaning.

It's a "mystery" for kids but also a great look at families and how kids can misinterpret events with devastating consequences. (8+), When I started this one I was not quite sure what to expect.

Matthew feels that the death of his baby brother a few years ago was his fault, as he vomited on his mum and thinks that the terms were the reason why the baby died. I enjoyed this book. Has anyone read this yet? Matthew's OCD makes it hard for him to go to school and he spends most of his days in his room or the "office" where he cleans or watches his neighbors. My favourite part of the book is near the end when the Goldfish Boy overcomes his fear and steps out from his room into the world outside because it shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and you should never give up. And i think is amazing and mysterious. Gorgeous and gripping.

A genuinely clever mystery, an awkward, different, difficult detective and a suburban world where nothing is quite what it seems.

Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend it. Alphabetical List of Book Recommendations, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Anne of Green Gables Book Quiz and Resource Page, Bad Princess: True Tales from Behind the Tiara, Bomb: The Race to Make - and Steal - the World's Most Dangerous Weapon, Catherine, Called Birdy Book Quiz and Resource Page, Esperanza Rising Book Quiz and Resource Page, From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. This is my favourite out of all 6 books, but I thought the ending was a bit predictable. LIBRARY.

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