When Gregor gets stuck between the door, “his father gave him a hefty shove from the behind which released him from where he was held and sent him flying, and heavily bleeding, deep into his room” (Metamorphosis). The Metamorphosis teaches one to balance work and family relationship, and that family relationships should not entirely be tied to economic power. Following the existentialist theory, Gregor allowed himself to become an insect, as he chose how he would let his family affect him. He throws apples and hurls abuses at Gregor (Kafka The Metamorphosis 10). This is shown when he accidentally terrifies Mrs. Samsa, “‘Gregor’ his sister shouted, raising her fist with a threatening glower” (29). If the other notion of morality and ethics were to be chosen many aspects of “the Metamorphosis” would be lost. The reason is that transfiguration is not an ordinary morning experience. It is worth noting that the representatives of the higher class commonly perceive themselves as worthy and people who only get what they naturally deserve, whereas the representatives of the working class realize that if they stop working, they and their relatives will have nothing to eat. Though Gregor does not realize it at first, he has actually been enslaved by his family for some time. […] He remained in this state of empty and peaceful reflection until the clock struck three o’clock in the morning. He assumes his situation is a hallucination or dream and he doesn’t believe that it is actually happening to him. Furthermore, rather than carefully selecting food for him, she now “would quickly thrust some randomly chosen foodstuff into his room with her foot on her way to work in the morning or at midday, only to sweep it out again at night with a quick swipe of the broom” (35). The story, “The Metamorphosis” is about Gregor, a workaholic, who is changed into an insect and must deal with his present reality. In both books, the powerful though unhappy ending is balanced by a hopeful note that the character’s downfall has contributed to a happy ending in another place and time. Continue your study of The Metamorphosis with these useful links. Literary Analysis Essay-Rejection So, let us consider what can be said about “The Metamorphosis” in this context. Finally, students must write a short essay (1-2 paragraphs) explaining how existentialism is an ongoing theme in the novella. At this stage, a reader becomes both a judge and a jury with regards to Jonathan’s character. Advances in psychiatric treatment, 15(6), 459-461. Kafka used the characters in The Metamorphosis to form a literary model of his own twisted relationships with his family members and himself.

In The Metamorphosis, Gregor’s downfall lies in his increasing isolation from humanity and his ultimate death.

The nature of existence; and more precisely, the nature of humans and animals is one of selfish survival. Mr. Samsa gets a job that requires him to wear “a smart blue uniform with gold buttons,” a “high, stiff collar,” and a “cap with [a] gold monogram from, probably, some bank” (30). The degradation of Gregor, mirrored by the growth seen in the rest of his family, is furthered by the deceptive attitudes they all take on. Magic realism is a fictional technique that combines fantasy with raw, physical or social reality in a search for truth beyond that available from the surface of everyday life. The more serious his family became about their jobs, the less they paid attention to Gregor, as they began to exclude him from the family, until Grete finally comes to the conclusion that they should “get rid of him”.

Without Gregor’s financial support, the family is forced to take on their own jobs, which turn out to be a good idea. Groundhog Day lets us experience what it would resemble to make an advancement like this in our own lives. Gregor’s isolation towards society is true picture why he is treated differently. When the family and the chief clerk, Gregor’s boss, see him for the first time they panic. Metamorphosis. The ability to watch and play the role of fictional characters makes the fiction more interesting and expands our vision of possible ways of being. But the transformation allows him to stop doing the job he disliked so much at last. When he first sees him as a bug, he is hostile towards him and “seized the chief clerk’s stick, picked up a large newspaper from the table, and used them to drive Gregor back into his room” (Metamorphosis). Furthermore, useless people must remain out of sight from useful people in order to not impede the useful people from doing their job. While his family is sleeping Gregor hurriedly leaves the house early every morning. The connection between the protagonist and his relatives is mainly economic; once the monetary part disappears, the whole relationship is broken. It values and respects the dignity of members. The Metamorphosis, New York: Bantam, 1972. However, after Gregor’s metamorphosis, he finds himself at the very bottom of the family power structure. But, unlike us, he gets the high-end of being stuck in the same day up until he gets it right. Isolation involves both the mental state of an individual and the physical state of the individual.

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