He decides to hire their exes such as Alice (Collette Wolfe), a marketing consultant and Gabe to the branch in a bid to make Erin and Pete uncomfortable. However, after Andy witnesses Dwight proudly proclaim himself as the new manager, he decides to quit again and pursue his dreams. [29] When he meets Andy's family, Darryl overhears Andy's father berates him over his status in life, and finally understands why Andy needs to please others, and later participates in cheering Andy up, along with the rest of the staff. In "Todd Packer", when office administrator Pam gets a new computer for the receptionist's desk to replace the current, ancient one, Andy wants a new computer too. A few months later, the two soon begin competing for the attention of Erin, but Dwight ultimately decides to cease pursuing her in order to maintain a good relationship with Andy. Dwight pays Erin, who responds in an audible whisper that she still doesn't know why Dwight wanted her to do that. He consults with Oscar and Darryl to sell enough family assets for his mother to live. Grandparents Back in the office, Pam tells him that wasn't cool, but Dwight continues to laugh uncontrollably. He holds a meeting with the staff in order to catch up on what he missed, so to meet with David Wallace, who has been under the impression that Andy has been at the office the entire time via phone calls and e-mails. In "The Sting", Andy gets jealous over hearing of a former Here Comes Treble member's musical success, and forms an underwhelming but enjoyable office band with Darryl and Kevin. On the NBC website, it is revealed that Andy got married some point after the finale. The three end up having their own jam session outside.[61]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [12], Prior to his anger management training, Andy had severe anger problems. In "Garage Sale", Andy, Darryl, and Kevin play and bet on the Dallas board game. But when Andy video tapes the printer that catches on fire, it confirms his suspicions. Randall Einhorn He then proceeds to give Erin the Twelve Days of Christmas. Realizing this could jeopardize his staff, Andy along with Erin, Pam and Kevin try to talk Dwight out of sending the email to Robert. Michael angrily stops the movie and takes it away, to which everyone protests, including Andy, who says that some people are doing a superb job in the movie. In various episodes, Andy is seen wearing a blue, thick woven bracelet on his right wrist, despite that it will, at times, clash with his overall appearance. She harshly closes it, and Andy loudly exclaims "I don't trust you, Phyllis!". In season 6, Andy takes an interest in receptionist Erin Hannon, who has mutual affections, but due to miscommunication, there was a long period where the two waited for the other to make a move. Ed Helms [57], Andy continues to develop a friendship and an attraction to Erin, which began late in the fifth season. Erin ultimately is revealed to have been watching from the back, Cece in tow, to Andy's delight and to Jim and Pam's chagrin. When Dwight learns he's in line to become the permanent branch manager and Andy asks if his plan to quit and seek stardom is a good idea, Dwight kindly but firmly tells Andy that he would benefit greatly from Andy's departure but, having seen Andy perform, he thinks Andy should NOT quit his day job. Andy does admit Angela makes him a "better man" during his talks with Oscar, although he fails to hear Dwight in the background of the call. She even throws cake in Andy's face when he tries to serenade her with one of his songs, and wants to take a break from their relationship. Darryl avoids him at the Scranton airport and his former co-workers awkwardly try to avoid embarrassing him. The truth about Threat Level Midnight on The Office, https://theoffice.fandom.com/wiki/Café_Disco?oldid=102451, Several songs are featured in the episode, including "Boy Hangover", written by Lester Lewis especially for, Phyllis is wearing the same skirt she did in Crime Aid, Dwight and Phyllis further their friendship that arguably began in. However, Andy tells her he's dating someone, and she is shocked to hear they've been out on 31 dates so far. [59], In "Secret Santa", Andy requests to be Erin's secret Santa. In "Goodbye, Michael", Andy is given Michael's client list as a going away present, and after losing one, requests the help of Deangelo to retain them. In comedic fashion, the office pools their points and succeeds in winning this prize, to which Andy bravely owns up to, only for the office to change the originally more-raunchy tattoo design to one that honors Andy's nickname of "The Nard Dog." While Michael "relieves stress" in the room formerly the Michael Scott Paper Company, Erin tries to deliver him a memo. Without life savings to support himself, Andy accepts Wallace's offer to stay on as a salesman under the new manager, Dwight. In "New Leads," after Michael distributes the sales leads to rest of the staff, Erin hides Andy's leads. Andy pays her $5,000 to sign with her agency without headshots included. [19] When Andy discovers his job is stolen by Nellie when he and Erin return to the office, he is demoted to salesman again and holds back his anger. Although in front of his spouse, Robert contradicts his instruction quite well, leaving Andy and later Jim in a hard place when Andy is trying to not hire her. He also calls Robert and threatens to get him fired if David buys the company. Andy is suspicious of Erin dating someone else, as he goes through her cell phone, and is later able to figure out that Pete is her new beau. However, Andy eventually asks Erin out on a date, and she graciously accepts. Andy smugly says to the camera that seeing Erin and Pete unhappy has made him feel better. May 7, 2009 Later on, Dwight asks Andy about his love life as he's trying to find out how Andy feels about Erin, which Andy deflects with weak answers, prompting Dwight to tell Andy "you're an idiot" before walking away in disgust. In "Murder", Andy asks Erin out on a date while playing a game called Belles, Bourbon, and Bullets, but is confused whether she was just playing along with the game. [9], Andy was the Regional Director in Charge of Sales at the Dunder Mifflin Stamford branch. In "Michael's Last Dundies", after winning the "Doobie Doobie Pothead Stoner of the Year" Dundie Award (since he tried Marijuana in College), Andy leads the employees in serenading the soon-to-depart Michael with "9,986,000 Minutes", an a cappella version of "Seasons of Love" with altered lyrics. Workplace Andy confesses that he had never done the splits before, but he is motivated to perform this dance move to impress Erin. 5027 Creed donates the mini disco ball he'd been using as a rearview mirror. He assigns Erin to set up the Halloween party, as he wants to live up to the expectations set by Robert. [32] After Erin breaks up with Gabe, a heartbroken and jealous Gabe begins to heavily resent Andy, and threatens him not to make any advances on Erin. Unfazed, Andy hires 12 professional drummers to perform for Erin and the rest of the staff at the end of the episode, which Erin enjoys.[60].

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