It would make a good reference book to supplement existing lectures, without being too unwieldy. All exercises and Quizzes are tested on Python 3. This is a short book, so it does not go into every final detail of the language. This Python Object-oriented programming (OOP) exercise aims to help Python developers to learn and practice OOP concepts. The literature builds gradually to difficult issues, but someone who does not know any programming concepts may struggle for a time before becoming acclimated to its context. Table of Content and index are well built. It would make a good reference book to supplement existing lectures, without being too unwieldy. Active 3 years, 2 months ago. Free Coding Exercises for Python Developers. Since this book is a technical guide book, there is no need to consider cultural aspects. The topics... There are very useful examples and exercises present in every chapter that progressively walks the reader through the aspects of coding (in Python).

This book provides a nice overview all necessary materials required to understand Python like a real programmer. My only complaint is that exercises, which are interspersed in the text, are not always set off by white space from any preceding material. This book is well structured and outlined to introduce each topic as it builds on the previous. However, this may not be true for the slightly advanced reader that may benefit from the modularity of the topic.

The exercises are superb for forcing the novice like me to come up with creative solutions. The prose is direct and to the point, with surprising clarity. The book feels complete because of this. I applaud the authors' effort to build this copy-free book that can be accessed free for the students who cannot afford expensive textbooks. I felt the math import did a great job explaining why you need to import modules and how easy they can be to use. As such, narrative sometimes runs into exercises. This Python tuple exercise aims to help Python developers to learn and practice tuple operations. The text concisely but thoroughly covers the basics of programming in the Python language, from expressions and functions to file processing and object-oriented programming. The framework is consistent throughout the text. Topics: Functions arguments, built-in functions. Practice Python using our 15+ Free Topic-specific Exercises and Quizzes. Go to Project Gutenberg ( and download your favorite out-of-copyright book in plain text format. The overall structure of this book is very user-friendly and attainable. My own preference is that teaching materials cover Python 3 exclusively, to prevent confusion and potentially outmoded coding styles.


read more. The structure of this book keeps solid consistency throughout the entire chapters.

When you complete each exercise, you will have a better understanding of Python. The book is well written. Sharing helps me continue to create free Python resources. Also, the logical order of chapters were well organized to be introduced this book to beginners sequentially. Modify the previous program to read a word list (see Section 9.1) and then print all the words in the book that are not in the word list. Python is easy to learn, and first-time programmers will easily understand examples in this book. Hint: The string module provides strings named whitespace, which contains space, tab, newline, etc., and punctuation which contains the punctuation characters. Each unit is succinctly labeled and logically organized within the chapter and also within the book. It was a little confusing in places where explanations switch between Python 2 and Python 3.

It allows the reader to test examples and use the textbook as a reference if an issue arises. Within each chapter topics are organized in a logical order.

Practice Python database programming skills by solving the questions step by step. Those already familiar with Python are probably aware of the protracted transition between Python 2 and 3 in industry and academia. This may leave the reader to find resources or solutions elsewhere.

Topics within a chapter are divided into logical units which are easily read and comprehended. The text is not culturally insensitive or offensive in any way. The reader has an opportunity to test their knowledge and competency of each topic, but assumes the reader has previous experiences with programming syntax. Follow me on Twitter.

I felt the same level of difficulty in functions than on classes and explaining inheritance. Print the number of different words used in the book. Most of these examples and topics are great because they are quick and to the point!

For a... • I expanded the discussion of program development plans and basic design patterns. The book has working links for solutions, examples, and other resources that are free of issues. By the end of the book, the reader will be well versed in programming concepts and specifically with Python as a programming language. The molecularity of this book, mainly constructed by chapters, increases the usefulness of this book in classrooms. Swampy, code examples, and some solutions are available from

Last updated on September 11, 2020 | 34 Comments. Each chapter features a glossary of relevant terms and topics. read more. Programming is a difficult topic to teach to beginners. The style of all chapters are consistent and comprehensive. Downey received in 1989 his BS and in 1990 his MA, both in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley in 1997. Reviewed by Amy Connolly, Assistant Professor, James Madison University on 3/7/19, Python is a great language for beginners to learn the basics of computer programming.

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