The same goes for sucking on your fingers, or picking at hangnails or ingrown nails. This is if you are getting the whole toenail removed. Bathed in Epsom salt first 3 wks x2 daily. Everybody's different, but I was back running in a week, but downhill running was painful for about 2 weeks, and noticeable for another couple of weeks. At any rate I am soo happy that I won't have to deal with this ever least not on this toe! I still felt some odd twinges for a while and the skin has taken a while to toughen up but almost a year later everything is great. My toenail is discolored and some of the skin underneath the nail has come out. It hasn't helped that it has been stepped on a couple times. Good luck everyone! Im glad i listed soon as i got home took pain killer and put ice on it not directly on the toe but on the foot near the toe and no pain.

It throbs constantly except when I can prop it up but I can't at work.

Hey guys, I had my toenail removed ~3-4 weeks ago due to an abscess under the base of my toe after an injury (and my toenail separating from the base of my toe). I am aware that many patients put off having nail surgery because of fear of the discomfort of the anaesthetic injection. I then contacted him through his email and told my problems to him. After two years of desperate attempts to cure nail fungus on both big toenails, I decided to have both toenails removed (not permanently) 8 days ago. I was extremely scared to have this done, but it hasn't been as bad as I thought. I soaked mine in Epson salt once a day for 2 weeks. No restrictions in my activities, but of course I was warned not to drop something on my toes. So my advice.....if you are having problems HAVE THEN REMOVED! I am 7 days out of having a big toe nail removed. I opted to have it removed permanently because of this. I went to the podiatrist for pain in my left big toe and a weird lump that was growing right below the base of my toenail.

It was one of the most painful experiences in my life. I had both big toenails removed and phenolised 3 weeks ago.

playong baseball and have an infected ingrown toenail. sandals are obviously a no go zone for a while but after a few weeks you feel no pain at all and can paint over the skin. These comments have helped so much. Over the passed year, the scar tissue under the nail was making them "tent" up and the sides were digging into my toemeat. I always had ingrown toe nails but i had it removed for good because of the ingrown toe nail again and i had a fungus from a pedicure for the last 4 years... Anyways can someone give me the time line for the healing process? My last visit to him was just a few weeks ago because it was still draining a bit and I was worried. Both nails look yucky and they are so sore all of the time:( My podiatrist told me to think about permanent nail removal. after the surgery i did wear a compreesion bandage for 2 days. As for antibotics, yes they gave me some and they seems to be working well.

Ever since the toenail semi fell off I have been gluing a fake nail on it. The other toe was done in dec and scared that one will come back too. I will also remember to use the prefreezing Emla creme that helps significantly .

While waiting for the bottom part of your nail to die so that you can remove it, you will want to keep the nail area as clean as possible. This photo shows how your toenail fungus will look like after six weeks of constant application of treatment for nail fungus.

I don't want to not have a nail there, that raises my insecurities to about a billion, its gonna be uncomfortable going to the beach. They itch SO BAD!!

It has been 12 hours and they are still numb! First of all, thank you to the owner of this site for sharing your experience. And I have kids to take care of. Hello again I did have my 2 big toe nails completly removed and 1 toe nail next to big toe nail removed its been a week now doing alot better now! This greatly relieved the pain and pressure. IT IS REAL!!! Using tablet with a baby trying to "help". I cannot. Not the most pleasent of processes, but with the "cold spray" and toe block, was not nearly as bad as the first time...Worst part was when the guaze stuck and even after 3 1/2 HOURS of soaking, would not budge-peeling strings of guaze from an open wound-NOT FUN-be sure to ask for a non-stick dressing!!! so when should i be safe to leave band-aids off in the shower to help clean my toes?? Excellent post – very informative.

It hurts deep down inside, but don't see any opening. Hi PJ, Don't worry, you didn't make a mistake. Learning how to protect a nail-less toe can help make healing …

One month later, the toenail had, "I thought I had some terrible disease. I boldly went with the double big toe permanent removal on 5/5/11. Does anyone know whether this is normal? [4] should i go back to the doctor? Several days later I poked under the top of the nail bed with a sterile needle and blood and lots of liquid streamed out. I got home and my toe was about 2 1/2 times the size of the other big toe. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL. This is important because may be you are applying one of the topical treatments and you want to monitor whether the treatment is working for you or not or may be you want to acquire domain knowledge about nail fungus so that you may help other people with fungal infections to deal with infected nail better. I am doing as doc ordered, soaking 2x/day in diluted iodine and keeping covered with a bandaid. I have a check up tomorrow to see if the surgery has to be drained. I had a toenail perm removed 15 days ago...should I still be putting the liquid antibiotic on it and should I still be covering it? xxx will keep you posted. And doubled dose of CBD oil. In this case, 85% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. ", "A machine part fell on my toe and crushed my safety boots.. ", "Very informative. It hurts worse to put it on and the pain/burning last about 10 minutes. Hang in there Laurel but get the medical attention as long as you need to. No problems, no infection, no pain. Usually, there is a partial removal of a part of the edge of the nail so that the offending organism can be removed and the nail given a fresh start. I would however think strongly about having it done again.

If your on the fence about having the procedure done, I couldn't be happier having mine removed. Its a swollen bubble next to my toenail with swollen bubbling all along the side and top, as with a swollen bubbly line going down my toe :( its so stressful for me.. !I was told by my dr not to put the bandaids on my toes for at least 20 - 30 minutes after soaking. These products were medically reviewed in a research by a well known university they have proven to take less than two months to get rid of toenail infection. Hi I had my left big toenail removed 3 1/2 weeks ago and it still hurts like hell! I want to make an announcement or warning to ANYBODY who is reading this and is CONTEMPLATING the total or partial removal of an ingrown toenail: @Kerry Bennet: Healing from total nail avulsion takes time. Hi I also just had my left toenail removed on Saturday but I dont know what to do I have some obstacles in front of me. So taking time off work.

I had the toenail removed from my left big toe on May10,2110.

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