Enoch Says World In Great Turmoil, Lockdown And Anguish, And Asks, Are You A Healer Or A Divider? Why are so many people commenting that Tom Hanks is dead when he’s very much alive? Ashtar: Solar System Battle, NESARA GESARA, And Your Mission Update!! GESARA! “How do you drop a sock? Enter your email address to subscribe to O.N.E. Galactic Centre Explains Why Humans Feel Tired And Full Of Pressure!! “A lost glove looking for its mate, isn’t that just the way of the world? Tom Hanks' Twitter is desperately trying to save every lost glove, sock and shoe in Manhattan. (Parts 1…, JFK Jr Will Be First President Of The NESARA Compliant United States!! Thank you. NESARA, Republic, Quantum Financial System Update…, Ashtar: Market Crashes, Money Will Be Worthless, Then RV… Trump Wins…, JFK Jr. Returns Confirmed!! Hunter Biden Has Flipped, Biden Family $300 Million Stash In Switzerland… Rudy Guiliani Freestyles One Of Greatest Speeches Ever, A Summary Of Joe Biden’s... Biden And Trump Talk In Code!! “What We Are Doing Is Scaring The Sh*t Out Of The Establishment!” Blasts Globalism,... Archangel Michael Provides Summary Of Ascension Symptoms… Which Ones Are You Experiencing? “WTF goes on inside??”. !…, The Final Phase Is Here!! Hanx pic.twitter.com/RJ1lkOIDzX, If I make 2001 reference would anyone get it? “It’s really kind of like a visual haiku of separation, loss, maybe freedom, maybe loneliness in the big city” he said. JFK Originator Of QAnon…, Is The Faceless Man… JFK Jr. Lady Gaga Hunter Biden Threesome Ritual?!! Tom Hanks is used to perplexing his fans on Twitter. And several comment on the passage of time. Does Covid Even Exist? Countries, communities, families and people are broken… but you can’t fix something if you think it is working. Mitten? Angry German Reptilian Female Can’t Keep Her Eyes In Human Form…. A simple look at Hanks' account shows this not to be the case. Shoe? More self-appointed. And that worked? At the risk of sounding stupid, why does he do that? Elizabeth Flock. Credit: Twitter Of course, it's unlikely that he actually did and we'd speculate that the short scene was filmed sometime after Hanks had recovered from the illness. Presidential election updates from 5 key states, Read All Rights Reserved. What earthly purpose does his strangely Gumpian pastime serve? “Who loses a sock?” he tweeted recently. Support O.N.E. I'm pretty sure Danaerys Targaryan keeps her dragons there. Someone! Don’t spoil it for him. A few years ago, Tom Hanks started to do something odd on his Twitter account: post photos of people’s lost belongings. He’ll get those homeless clothes off the streets in no time. Looks like something straight out of Blade Runner. Jesus (Aka Sananda) Is Still Alive, And This Is Physical Proof!! pic.twitter.com/YDe5lXu4a1. Democrats win big in Arizona, a former GOP stronghold, Read Let’s get back to the lost objects. The Hollywood star regularly posts photographs of random lost gloves and other items of clothing that he spots discarded on the street. Prophecy Of Mass Human Suicide Coming Via 5G!! pic.twitter.com/CKT9lfslRr. This Is A War Against Western Civilization Says Canadian Man In Epic #GoFuckYourself Trudeau Message!! This is what happens. Hanx.”. Each tweet is clearly labelled @tomhanks, alongside a picture of Tom Hanks. No kidding, see https://t.co/MuPnvjEjnI. Tom Hanks’ Twitter is desperately trying to save every lost glove, sock and shoe in Manhattan. Appearance: Ordinary American guy, but with way more awards. Blogger, writer, recording artist, shamanic drummer, healer, visionary, galactic messenger... my name is, Indian in the machine. Is this truth or fiction… only our hearts decide. He found the student ID of a girl called Lauren in a park, and after tweeting about it to let her know, he reunited the pair. Recently, NewsHour correspondent Jeffrey Brown sat down with Hanks to discuss his new book of short stories, “Uncommon Type,” and also asked about the actor’s habit of chronicling lost items. Trump supporters demand Michigan vote center ‘stop the count!’, By Llazar Semini, Zenel Zhinipotoku, Associated Press, By Mike Householder, Tim Sullivan, Associated Press.

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