Note: Licence holders, ATO's, DTO's and examiners are reminded that examiners are only authorised to sign the certificate of validation in Section XII (page 5 onwards) of a UK-issued licence when the rating is still shown on page 4 (Section XII) of the licence. ‘TMG’ is a Touring Motor Gliding (eg a Scheibe Falke) Introduction.

To qualify for a touring motor glider (TMG) class rating, you must complete an appropriate 25 February, 2020, Bringing ADS-B surveillance trials to airfields If you are revalidating your TMG by experience and are flying in a European Member State, please 29 October, 2020, CAA launches new online PPL e-Exams system The performance of the applicant should be reviewed during the training and additional instruction provided where necessary to reach the standard required for the proficiency check. 9 October, 2020, The CAA’s General Aviation Unit continues to make considerable progress in its aim to radically improve the regulation of General Aviation (GA) in the UK If your licence was not endorsed by your examiner, or the rating is on the back of your licence, you need to submit an application to the CAA. You can submit your application using our online form. For questions relating to paperwork, such as how to obtain certified copies of documents, please refer to guidance on documentation. The revalidation requirements for the TMG are the same as for the SEP rating, as such, if you hold both an SEP & TMG rating they can be revalidated together, providing you have completed within the proceeding 12 months. For single-pilot single-engine and single-pilot multi-engine aeroplanes (sea), the examination shall be in a written form and shall comprise at least 30 multiple-choice questions.

Touring Motor Glider (TMG) Description If you intend to fly Touring Motor Gliders with an SPL or a LAPL(S), you will need to have the privilege added to your licence. These notes are intended as a general, high level guide to glider towing operations and have been compiled in the interest of safety, efficiency and compliance with law. Requirements for issue of a touring motor glider (TMG) rating Experience requirements, flight instruction and theoretical knowledge training To qualify for a touring motor glider (TMG) class rating, you must complete an appropriate training course at an approved training organisation (ATO) or registered training …

The proficiency check At the end of your training course, you will need to pass a skill test with a suitably qualified examiner, in the relevant aircraft class or type, to demonstrate that you can competently carry out the procedures and manoeuvres that you have been taught, while acting as pilot in command (PIC). To renew your rating, click on the 'i' next to your rating and then click on 'Apply to Reinstate Rating'. valid UK issued Part-FCL examiner certificate or a Flight Instructor with the privileges of As long as you meet the above requirements in either of the classes then both ratings can be revalidated together (I.e. There are three ways to apply for a TMG rating; using e-Licensing, using our online form or using our paper forms. The TMG (Touring Motor Glider) Class Rating allows both EASA PPL & LAPL holders to fly powered motor gliders, giving them the privileges to choose between either long distance unpowered flight or the cruise performance of a standard single engine aircraft. This does not apply in the case of the LAPL, SPL or BPL. If you are revalidating your TMG by experience and are flying in a European Member State, please note that Certificate of Revalidation held on a licence issued by the UK can be endorsed by a non-UK EASA examiner. In this instance, you would need to submit a paper form instead.

Furthermore, certain additional minimum qualifications were detailed in the written procedures for solo or 'P1' flights. You must have a valid and appropriate class or type rating in order to do any flying other than flight instruction, skill tests or proficiency checks for the renewal of type or class ratings. Such an applicant shall complete additional flight training for the other form of operation at an ATO or DTO.

If your examiner has not endorsed your licence, you will need to submit the following paperwork for us to reissue your licence: If your licence has been signed up in the field, there is no need to make an application. SEP, when you revalidate you may use the same flight time for both and ensure both ratings are signed up.

Please refer to our e-Licensing guidance for more information.

If you're a glider pilot with the LAPL(S) licence then did you know for a small fee you could add a Touring Motor Glider rating and fly as a Powered Pilot?

Theoretical knowledge examinations must be taken at an ATO or DTO approved to conduct such training and assessment. To revalidate the rating you must complete the following: Note: If you hold valid ratings written on your licence for both TMG and SEP, when you revalidate you may use the same flight time for both and ensure both ratings are signed up.

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