All of the technology that keeps you from crashing is still there (if equipped), such as the traction control, anti-lock brake system, and blind spot detection. ChrisFix recommends safe practices when working on vehicles and or with tools seen or implied in this video.

The seat sensors tell the airbag system that the seat is occupied. If it comes on for a few seconds as the vehicle starts, that is completely normal and part of the diagnostic cycle.

If the 4Runner’s airbag system is not getting a response from one of the airbags itself in the diagnostic cycle, it’ll turn the airbag light on until the problem has been fixed, and the system has been reset.

I found one of my plugs under the seat was plugged together but not completely locked.

You can read the number of flashes and it will give you a code (codes listed below for ford ranger and Mazda B3000).

The light did the 6 sec test when the truck was first started as usual but after that if would not go out. If any of these checks fail, you will see a diagnostic warning light on the dash for the corresponding system. All of these should be treated as the airbag light. Your airbag light is part of your 4Runner’s larger supplemental restraint system. One or more of the crash sensors may have been triggered, but not enough to deploy the airbag. 5th Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (2010+), 4th Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (2003-2009), 3rd Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (1996-2002), 2nd Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (1990-1995), 1st Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (1984-1989), Starter Replacement & Rear Shock Replacement, Installing aftermarket radio with switch panel, Radiator Replacement/Tranny Cooler Install, 2UZ-FE (V8) Power Steering Pump Replacement and Fluid Flush, Reverse Lights (In Reflectors/Under the bumper), Alla Lighting 3800lm Xtreme Super Bright 9006 LED Bulbs Fog Light ETI 56-SMD HB4 9006 Fog Lights Lamp Replacement - 3000K Amber Yellow, SIRIUSLED 7440 Anti Hyper Flash Built-in load resistor True 25W Yellow Orange Extremely Bright LED Bulb for Turn Signal only 7440A T20 W21W Pack of 2 (Upgrade Version), Genuine Toyota 69110-35062 Parts 69110-35090 Rear Gate Latch, Hayden Automotive 512 High Performance Transmission Cooler, KONNWEI KW600 12V 100-2000 CCA 220AH Car Battery Load Tester Professional Automotive Alternator Analyzer - Waveform Voltage Test for Car/Boat/Motorcycle, SEALIGHT H11 LED Headlight Bulb, H8 H9 H16 LED Bulb, Low Beam, Fog Light, Compact Fanless Design, 6500 Lumens, 6000K Cool White, 12 CSP Chips, SCITOO Head Gasket Set Replacement for Toyota 4Runner for Toyota Tacoma for Toyota Tundra 4.0L DOHC V6 24V 05-06 Engine Head Gaskets Kit Sets, 2 New Front Lower Control Arms With Ball Joints Left Right Compatible With 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner; 2007-2009 FJ Cruise; Lexus GX470 Replaces Dorman 521-433 521-434, Castrol 03102-3PK GTX High Mileage 5W-30 Motor Oil - 5 Quart, (Pack of 3), Genuine Toyota 55506-AE010-B0 Glove Box Lock Sub-Assembly, Alla Lighting 1156 7506 BA15S 50W 6Ohm Error Free LED Lights Load Resistor Adapter Fix Flashing Fast Blinking Canbus Bypass Wiring Harness for Upgrading LED Turn Signal Blinker Back-up Light Lamps. Always go back to the LAST thing done when these problems pop up! See if you can tug at it and get it moving again. This often happens whenever you get into a fender bender that doesn’t deploy the airbag. Also since I sit on the drivers seat each day maybe something is loose or has loosen over time. It just started flashing 24/7, even when the car is turned off. Have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer immediately. If all parts of this system are not working properly, it can cause the airbag light to come on.

If all parts of this system are not working properly, it can cause the airbag light to come on. New videos every Thursday**-Website: Here: Channel: to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. Your 4Runner’s airbag light is there to tell you that there’s a problem with the airbag system. Your Toyota 4Runner’s airbag system is complicated. It works in tandem with the system to protect you in the event of an accident. There can be a lot of different reasons why the airbag light may have come on. It will not work until repaired. turned out that my drivers side airbag sensor had gone bad. How do I turn off flashing light on passenger air bag that looks like a red flashing lock? It’s when it stays on that indicates a problem. Depending on the model year and what country you happen to be in, you may get something along the lines of SRS, a picture of a person with the airbag deployed, or the word airbag.

I since placed a plastic strap on that plug to prevent this from occurring again. You can reset the airbag light or SRS light on your Toyota yourself in your own garage. Bar's Leaks 1400 Transmission Repair - 16 oz.

It works in tandem with the system to protect you in the event of an accident. Ford Ranger, Ford Explorer, Mazda B3000 Airbag codes (2000-2005)15- drivers side air bag circuit shorted 16- passenger side air bag circuit shorted 19- restraint control module (RCM) memory full24- restraint control module (RCM) internal fault25- passenger air bag deactivation (PAD) switch fault27- passenger air bag deactivation (PAD) warning lamp inoperative29- Incorrect Vehicle Identification Code32- driver air bag circuit resistance high33- passenger air bag circuit resistance high34- driver air bag circuit resistance low35- passenger air bag circuit resistance low43- front impact sensor46- drivers side seat-belt pretensioner47- passenger side seat-belt pretensionerRadio Shack Light Part #: 272-334**If the video was helpful, remember to give it a \"thumbs up\" and consider subscribing.

If you do drive with your 4Runner’s airbag light on, you are relying solely on the safety belts to keep you safe, which is not as safe. It is not as safe to drive with the airbag light on. FRAM FT1237 Automatic Transmission Filter, AEM (AEM-28-20281) Dryflow Air Filter, Red, TOYOTA Genuine Parts - Inlet Sub-Assy, Wate (16031-0P010), Rubber Sheet, Mesh (Textured) Finish, Black, 6x6" by 1/16 (Pack of 3) Neoprene, Plumbing, Gaskets DIY Material, Supports, Leveling, Sealing, Bumpers, Protection, Abrasion, Flooring, Road One Cavalry M/T Mud Tire RL1293 255 75 17 LT255/75R17, C Load Rated, Castrol 03124 Edge 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart, Auxbeam 32" LED Light Bar 180W Off Road Driving Lights LED Work Light Spot Flood Fog Lamp 5D Lens with Wiring Harness for Car, Truck, Offroad Vehicle, ATV, UTV, Pickup, Denso 471-1413 New Compressor with Clutch, Block Tester BT-700 Combustion Leak Test Kit in Hard Case - Made in USA, DB Electrical SND0491 Starter Compatible With/Replacement For Toyota Tacoma & Tundra 4.0L 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 & 4Runner 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 FJ Cruiser 2007 2008 2009, Up Down Air ARB Skid Plate Mounting Bracket for 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL, Participate in all 4Runner discussion topics, Transfer over your build thread from a different forum to this one, Communicate privately with other 4Runner owners from around the world, Post your own photos in our Members Gallery.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil (5-Quart, Single Pack), Nolathane REV010.0016 Black Sway Bar Link Assembly (Front), Prothane 19-1164 Red 21 mm Universal Greasable Sway Bar Bushing fits A Style Bracket, Alla Lighting HB4 9006 LED Fog Lights Bulbs 8000K Ice Blue 2800lm Xtreme Super Bright COB-72 12V Replacement, PAC TATO JBL Amplifier Turn-On Interface for Toyota Vehicles,Black. 14 Answers. Your airbag light is part of your 4Runner’s larger supplemental restraint system. flashing airbag light is the same thing i have. Every time you start your Toyota 4Runner, the computer system runs a self diagnostic check on all major systems. When it lights up, it's an indication that there is a problem with the Supplemental Restrain System (SRS).

Hi Everyone, I have a problem with my 2007 Toyota 4runner that just started after a cold night parked outside.

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