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I watch Tyler’s Tarot but a lot of readers say “an ex is coming back” for the last year and it never happened.

Same, I just really like the advice they sometimes give and the motivation <3.

Press J to jump to the feed. lol. I don’t think it’s really predicting anything. They’re Crazy About You! I wouldn't mind if it came.

Close. ALI's Tarot Capricorn reading for November 2020 is really interesting, what would you do with this love situation coming to us tho? I don’t even think I’ve ever had a tarot reading become reality so I don’t pay it much mind, I do watch every once in awhile for entertainment purposes, I watch Tyler’s Tarot but a lot of readers say “an ex is coming back” for the last year and it never happened. Watching tarot on YouTube is just entertainment for me now. Forgetting “oh wait, haven’t I been waiting on this for months? I don't know, I swear I watch too much tarot I was even crosswatching a reading the other day, and the Devil card was pulled and the reader mentioned Capricorn multiple times. February 2020 - YouTube View Entire Discussion (10 Comments) Hahah. I like ALI's and "Dash in Between" is pretty accurate too. I have watched these videos for a long time and they ALWAYS predict love coming in. What are the other two? I actually started to realize they consistently give similar messages, and so you can get lost in the illusion of waiting, and waiting, and waiting. But about the situation, I think it's part of the process we're at right now, and I have no ideal what I might do. Could be someone that has been on my mind for a minute. A lot of readers are predicting this for Caps lately. what am I waiting for again?”.

First of all, she's one of three people I stand watching videos.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. “They Rejected You- Now You Have A Chance To Reject Them!” ALMOST … Lol, she really seemed shocked that the theme of love kept on coming up. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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