Admissions-related questions posted anywhere else will be removed. Also, I often hear Sauder’s “snake” problem from people around me including current UBC student. China's Impact on Regulation and the Culture of Business. At the same time, students with few ECs or just a single part time job are admitted in early admissions without issue. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Please note that on Tuesday, May 5th, Arts ISIT will be performing a server update for AIR from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and the online application will not be available during this time. ADMISSIONS / MAJORS / INCOMING STUDENT MEGATHREAD 2020/2021: Post all your admissions, program/major & new-to-UBC questions here! I had 83% average in my last 30 credits, and my CGPA (not sure if this matters) was in the low 70’s; finished a BCom in UofT. Anonymized screenshots or the exact wording and context of the question will help you get better answers. We attract people from around the world who share our ideals and vision for positive change. Stats: Last 30 credits: 88.7 gpa For a BA in Psychology. Maintaining your offer of admission to this program requires a final academic average of 72. Remember that everyone is doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. I suspect they do process applications by date of submission but I’m not sure. I googled it but all the results are outdated, citing the January 15th deadline of this year. The admissions are starting to be sent out, I just got mine today! I thought I’m sharing my stats regardless of whether I get in or not. Congratulations to everyone who got their offers today, I just got mine as well. Passed CFA I. I focused on chem (bc I’m dumb) and got an 94%. The University of British Columbia. For graduate students, admission rates to UBC are much tighter. 4 months ago. This also applies to Pharmacology, Biology, Finance, etc. I am a highschool student who's attending school in canada, and my school doesn't offer any second language courses, and I see that second language 11 is mandatory for every course(for students who are from BC). Only time will tell. You're going to need to jog our memories if you have questions about specific sections of the application - they might not have even existed when we applied. Will that be the case? The process changes every year, and nobody here works for UBC. Ask specific questions you have about residence, and draw your own conclusions from the answers you get. Please review all admissions requirements for your chosen program of study before starting your application. Of JEE MAINS-2020, as per JEE MAINS-2020 admit card. I read more on the offer and it looks like I need to accept it by May 15. According to their website, it’s September, but they haven’t opened up yet. it is better to talk to your school counselor for advice, and check the waiver condition from your target university. It should be obvious that not everyone applying for UBC comes from an upper-class, highly-ranked school background, and that many of the supposed very strong ECs such as leading a club, starting a non-profit organization, winning national writing awards or saving puppies from Ebola are simply not available to youth in many parts of the world, especially those from rural or Indigenous communities. Haven’t heard anything yet. Chin up folks and don’t get discouraged! All successful and waitlisted applicants must submit (if applicable). I remember I missed the application for regular early consideration by 2-3 days because I was waiting for confirmation from my reference.

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