I’ve turned it on and off multiple times (after the initial first power on) and it locks on to GPS every time.

none the best resource out there when it comes to this industry! Check out the YouTube channel it is enjoyable to watch. I have used an older version but would love to be a tester for the company, I recommend the products and people reading the information on your web site to learn what is out there and available, I really like the idea of having the ability of recording my driving in case of a traffic incident.

Uniden’s R7 is a top of the line radar detector with a built-in GPS feature. Great informative videos on radar detectors (and related stuff). Reviews are spot on with his competition. Great info and makes it easy to understand. Definitely very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. The best radar detector expert in the world and a very nice person that I will be honor to meet in my next trip to USA. YouTube videos are clear, get to the, I've been watching his Radar Detector for years. No, I actually meant beta testers who ran 1.29 for a while and then switched to newer firmware. Very knowledgeable man with lots of great advice. Sorry to hear about the ticket! And that my liege is how we know the Earth to be banana-shaped. I purchased the R3 solely based on your. What I like most about Vortex Radar is the fact that you give an honest review what's good and not good on all products. DFR7/DFR9 – Use Uniden Database Manager to apply database update. Incredible knowledge and willing to share what he knows. (Uniden, please start including a link for Mac software too with every update you release.) Vortex. Very knowledgeable and wonderfully detailed videos. Does not have an agenda, just giving us the most accurate and unbias info possible. Ratings and advice on detectors and dash cams. After the critical but fair review of the Waylens 360 I was convinced he is always going to be. He has even taken the time to respond to questions concerning setups and. Following Vortex radar detailed reviews and side by side comparisons. All of the R series detectors have preformed wonders even without constant updates. I "unplugged" the internal connector to the coiled cord in the 12V cigar lighter plug and soldered on a long 4-conductor straight lead wire that goes back through the dash and up under the A pillar and roof liner over to the R7 above the rear view mirror. This helped a lot on narrowing down so many choices. Sorry. Does not have an agenda, just giving us the most accurate and unbias info possible. to learn of your Miata getting smacked; glad you’re ok. I got all my info, from Vortex an have a nice collection thanks so much #Vortexradar. Sold me on the Uniden R3, and it was the best choice! The last real firmware update came in 03/19/2020 v1.29. Select this option to include Administrator and SuperUsers in results or disable to exclude these users. Best version? This way people can help you troubleshoot. Disco47 Roll Tide. Great advise on the videos. ;-), Nice information to help you with making a choice. Uniden R7 owner having issues updating Firmware using the USB cable and software tool... Photo radar cameras destroyed by gunfire in Sherwood Park: RCMP. Keep up the amazing work! high quality product, easy to follow instructions. The R3 is a top of the line Extreme long-range Radar and Laser Detector with built-in GPS. Thanks a lot Mr. Radar expert, really helped out on my purchase of an R3, especially the upcoming support for MRCD. It doesn’t behave like quiet ride with an initial alert. Search with your Uniden product name or product code. Great unbiased reviews.

Awesome information. When detecting a speedcam or redlight camera simultaneously while detecting a radar signal, the R7 would previous skip alerting to the radar signal. photo radar.

Anyone interested in learning more about. Best version? Changed my mind from Escort based on your videos and saved a ton of $$$. Unbiased, honest and accurate information. The showcasing of new beta gear not on the market yet. This guy yes I watch everything he does is the Master on radar detectors and counter measure equipment . Mobile Applications Learn More. THANKS!!! This is my Radar Detector.

Frankly, my R7 is pretty awesome and I'd rather they not screw it up by rushing this release. They have exclusively from Attowave who owns the IP. your videos are very informative and has helped me select the best detector for my needs! Click Here To Download The DFR7 Firmware Update Manager, Click Here To Download The DFR7 Database Update Manager. Great resource for information on radar detectors and dash cams. Vortex Radar is a great source for factual information on Radar Detectors. It isn’t vaporware, we have heard from several people that have been testing it. Extreme long range laser radar detector with color display and advanced filtering. I THINK...all the information they have on RADAR DETECTORS AND RADAR/LASER JAMMERS IS REALLY CLASSIC AND COOL.... Great unbiased reviews. Love all the informative videos. Uniden expressly disclaims any liability arising out of or related to your use of this product.

K Block is a feature that helps the R7 filter out false alerts from Hondas and Acuras. Power off by press and holding power button for 2 sec. and storage too. Finally, if you don’t have an R7 yet, you can purchase your Uniden R7 here. MY WIFE’S R3 HAS NO ISSUE OR MY FRIENDS R1.

I understand how things work, but being totally silent, is unacceptable to me, and many others. none the best resource out there when it comes to this industry! I must use my Radar Detector actively. Thank you for sharing! YouTube videos are clear, get to the, I've been watching his Radar Detector for years. Bar.

dash cameras.

Great source of knowledge, Best videos to learn about old and new radars. learning more tips about my favorite detectors!!

There is so much information here that will help one in finding answers, Awesome reviews glad to see some one honest and non bias keep up the good work mate :). Stand up guy ! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. everything you ever wanted to know about RD's. He seems to be a great, honest guy. I don't care if they take a full year to update and give us what they PROMISED in regards to the R7, but going totally silent makes people wonder if the company as abandoned the R7, and moved on to the next R whatever. Step 4: Browse and select the file to update and start. I purchased the R3 solely based on your. Uniden R7 running firmware 1.33. I must evade my enemy, who is trying to ticket me. Democratic Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. Once you mark the points the R7 will announce “user mark ahead” as you near the saved GEO point. I got all my info, from Vortex an have a nice collection thanks so much #Vortexradar. Plus Vortex also adds a sense of reassurance when it comes time to purchasing a product and deciding on what best suits your own personal needs for a detector or an emitter. I just want them to get it right the first time. This new option is to detect the radar guns operating with signals below 24.050GHz. I’m not sure why it’d be needed for this update. https://www.rdforum.org/index.php?threads/80726/. It was under Step 4. Yes we are still working on wonderful updates and other great things here at Uniden." Uniden expressly disclaims any liability arising out of or related to your use of this product. I THINK...all the information they have on RADAR DETECTORS AND RADAR/LASER JAMMERS IS REALLY CLASSIC AND COOL.... Great unbiased reviews. Vortex you can trust!

Uniden R7 running fw 1.29. Irving, TX 75063. Always professionally done. very knowledgable. For up to date non biased information on radar and laser counter measures. If you are looking to buy a radar detector or laser jammer, check out his videos before going anywhere else, simply the best place to get the best information and recommendations, thanks for all your great work. I just put myself on the waiting list for the Uniden R3. Would you still recommend this unit? Honest Reviews, informative youtube channel. Very knowledgeable man with lots of great advice. An update that cleaned up a couple things followed up very quickly.

There’s no one else that puts in the time and information about the radar community than him.

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