Jack is one of those short names that pack a wallop in it. Olive has an appeal, a style of its own. Georgiana is one of the most elaborate female forms of George. While Georgina and Georgia are equally beautiful, Georgiana has a certain ornate and romantic image. From pioneering aviator Amel... Who resembles God?. Coming from a Hebrew word, Ephraim sounds refined and classy. It will make a unique name for your little one. Augustine, a unisex name will make a beautiful name, no matter the gender of your baby. Winifred, meaning peacemaker, was the moniker of Winnie Mandela, the South-African anti-apartheid activist. In the United States, Caroline was the name of the First Lady. The meaning of this lovely name is ‘God is satisfaction’. You can soften this name by giving it the nickname ‘Bernie’. Elijah was the prophet who went to heaven in a fire chariot. This classic name evokes the simple times of the bygone eras. The meaning of Hazel is ‘hazelnut tree’. In Homer’s Odyssey, Penelope was the faithful and... Sun ray or shining light. Meaning ‘white’, Blanche has a sophistical Victorian flair. The Celtic name Floyd meaning ‘gray,’ was popularized by the novel “Aurora Floyd” by Elizabeth Braddon. Note- If you are considering of naming your kid Anthony, then we’d suggest you to take note on the meaning and history of this name in your region. Clara: Unlike its early contemporaries, Clara is a name that has always found appeal with parents of all generations. The name is pleasant, yet confident, making it a stylish choice for parents who are fond of short, one syllable names. During the Romantic period, Raymond was every mom’s most preferred name for their son. Once used for both boys and girls, now mostly girls... God heard. Alexander is one of those names that can never fall out with traditional parents. Matthew was the third most popular name for boys in American in the 1980s and 1990s. This beautiful Victorian name has several lovely meanings, like ‘loving’ in Swedish, ‘apple’ in Persian and ‘good’ in Celtic. Maggie is the short form of the ever-popular name Margaret. Emperors, kings and saints have borne... Home ruler. The book ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens’ gives it a literary influence, with a bookish vibe. Even your girl won’t feel shy bearing a name like Violet. Annabelle is stylish, saucy, lively and a tad upscale. Archie was the short version of the stuffy name Archibald. The meaning of William is ‘resolute protector’. Lillian is a matronly sounding name that has made a strong comeback to the baby name’s word. The name has a sort of playfulness, something that you won’t find in many old fashioned names. An enduring and beloved name, Samuel has spent... Born of yew; youth. Not really! It was a favorite with the authors too! It can also work as a nickname for modern Camille or Camilla. The most popular namesake of this name of our times is Stella McCartney, a British designer. Owen is a sophisticated male name that’s gaining popularity with modern parents. Luther, meaning ‘renowned warrior’ conjures the memories of the American civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. And just like fashion, even baby names get recycled. Edgar Degas was an influential painter in the 1950’s. How can you forget Lizzie from “Pride and Prejudice”? Aubrey is a unisex retro name, but we’d suggest you to use it for your baby girl as it has a feminine appeal to it. Currently, it is one of the top ten classic names.

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