[citation needed], In a significant new funding program dubbed "Renaissance", a fleet of unused passenger cars which had been built for planned Nightstar sleeper services between locations in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe via the Channel Tunnel were purchased and adapted following the cancellation of the Nightstar project. High Frequency Rail would expand VIA Rail services to more communities while contributing to the reduction of road congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. Visitors per year : 2,841,032. Although a special Via train arrived in Churchill on 1 November, the first regular Via train arrived in Churchill on 4 December, 560 days after service initially ceased.[50][51]. We’re not the whole solution, but we are proud to be a part of it. This not only impacts our on-time performance, but it means that our train schedules and frequencies are dependent on the access we are granted by the owners of the infrastructure. Complimentary Wi-Fi service is available in the Corridor. On 5 July 2018, a train with 16 passengers and five crew members derailed north of. By 27 June 2012, Via announced additional service cuts due to funding issues: To address declining on-time performance due to freight train traffic on Via routes, MP Olivia Chow drafted a private member's bill in 2014 that would reorganize the company and allow the government to force freight rail carriers to give scheduling priority to public passenger rail. The new corridor would permit 110 mph operation, up from the current maximum of 100 on some sections of CN. An on-time ratio of 71 percent was achieved in that year. If it were, Amtrak’s Hiawatha trains would not have clocked 96% reliability last year on Canadian Pacific trackage between Chicago and Milwaukee. [40], Feasibility studies have been funded by the federal government since the 2016 budget, and the 2018 budget allowed for the funding of the fleet replacement portion of the plan, though not the dedicated rail lines. Visitors per year :457,645. Via operates over 475 trains per week over 19 routes, marketed in four broad categories:[73]. To be successful, passenger service needs to be fast, frequent, and dependable. Montréal is home to VIA Rail’s largest maintenance centre, with an average of 10 trains stopping each day for inspection and repairs. Located near the Canada-US border, Windsor train station is the western terminus of the Québec City–Windsor Corridor. Many major renovation projects have been completed at this centre, including the recent refurbishment of HEPI and LRC cars and the transformation of 12 Renaissance cars into accessible cars. On 31 December 2019, a train with five crew and seven passengers derailed and tipped on its side near Katrime, Manitoba; the incident is still under investigation, and no one was seriously injured.

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