As a result once the Horus Heresy was dealt with the ruling government of Vostroya pledged every firstborn to the Imperial warmachine. The Vostroyans also reserve a deep disdain for those Imperial Guard regiments they perceive to be less devoted to the Imperial cause than themselves, although that can sometimes include a great many of their allies on the battlefield. Reluctantly, the Techtriarchs refused the request. The Techtriarchs were called to account -- a task that the Primarch of the Ultramarines, Roboute Guilliman, oversaw personally. ... so if you don't want do do conversions, then i recommend Cadians + 3rd party bits. His axe is a, Vostroyan Firstborn commanders are charismatic individuals, all wearing distinctive fur hats, A Vostroyan Firstborn female officer, going over battle plans, A Vostroyan Firstborn sentry armed with a, Boyar Satomovitch Greisky, Guardsman of the 9th Vostroyan Firstborn, "Old Irascibles", An Imperial Guardsman of the 1054th Vostroyan Firstborn, A Vostroyan Firstborn regiment fighting against the alien. Since it was first incorporated into the Imperium of Man during the Great Crusade, Vostroya's primary purpose has been to produce arms and ammunition for the Imperial military. The art work, pictured below almost depicts a Vostroyan uniform. I'm a big fan of the Command & Conquer Red Alert series, with the Russian theme to the army I wanted to include something a little CnC. The Vostroyan firstborn miniature range was released when I worked for Games Workshop back in 2006. Bow before the might of the Vostroyan Las-bardiche! The majority of transports never reach their destination, either emerging far from their target or simply being devoured by the forces of the Immaterium. The regiment has stretched to giving them the greatcoats but other than that they're on their own, this gives the conscript unit a haphazard nature. The yellow and magenta are a slightly different shade, but what did I expect from such a break between painting models for the guard? I must have built these over 10 years ago, well over due! Their actions might have gone unremarked, for in the violence of that terrible war many records were destroyed. If you remove the coat and look at some art for them, they actually look extremely similar to the pre-Heresy Imperial Army's soldiers, … Like most Hive Worlds, it is heavily populated. Games Workshop never made a Vostroyan Autocannon team. To repay their debt to the Emperor, the Vostroyans have, for the last ten thousand standard years, given up the firstborn son of every family for service in the Imperial Guard. The quality of these mini's are also second to none, they fit together perfectly and come with a choice of rebreather heads with oxygen canisters on their backpacks, or standard heads and backpacks. In fact the last time I played a game with this army was back in 2015, the battle report can be found here: Captain Vastin on the Bear of Conquest, this model is an old Warhammer Fantasy Battle figure from the, The command unit also makes use of some of the, The Rocket launcher team in the unit above were originally, The conscript unit has been made up from converted Valhallan Ice Warrior's and, When the army was first released in 2006 Games Workshop produced a limited run Vostroyan platoon box set. I know shortly after I left, GW scrapped the weight discount so lucky me i guess. The Vostroyan Firstborn are Russian Streltsy /Cossacks/Russian White Army IN SPESS. Anyway that's why my army is painted the way it is. The following is a list of the equipment traditionally equipped by a standard Vostroyan Firstborn soldier: A squad of Imperial Guardsmen from the Vostroyan Firstborn. For those who do not know, Games Workshop used to offer a discount to their employees based on the weight of the metal. So without further ado here are my Vostroyans. Consequently, Lord Militant Ghanzorik has been keen to ensure that the Firstborn regiments stand alongside his own Maccabian Janissaries as the core of many defensive lines, particularly on the world of Kulth, where the battle lines shift daily. Be the first to review “Vostroyan Firstborn Squad” Cancel reply. The special weapon troopers can also be armed with a lasgun so you have plenty of variety in a unit of 10. As the legions of the Traitor Warmaster Horus carved a bloody trail to Terra, a petition from the Emperor requested that Vostroya raise regiments of soldiers for the Imperial Army to stand in Horus' path. With a head swap and some green stuff made them look like they belong. The one above has taken the gunner from the Lazcannon team and the loader from the Mortar team, the gun itself is produced by MaxMini. Their ancient pact drives them onwards, instilling them with a stubbornness, courage and fortitude rarely seen outside the Adeptus Astartes. SKU: 145WVF Category: Astra Militarum. I think I'll be checking back to see if YDMinis release anything else in their Empire's Grenadiers range. Unusually, the Firstborn reinforce their regiments, sending new soldiers out to each one, no matter how far away it is. The tank commander here is getting desperate, even using spent shells to lob at those climbing the sides. Vostroyan regimental standard bearers bear ancient tribal sabers and daggers, along with ritual scars on their upper torsos. As the legions of the Traitor Warmaster Horus carved a bloody trail to Terra, a petition from th… I used Warhammer Fantasy Battle parts for the crew of this tank, especially Empire knight parts for the torsos. If you receive an order, you act as if the Emperor Himself gave it! In the more than 10,000 standar… This ensures that the youngest Firstborn have the experience of hardened Veterans to draw upon, and means that every Vostroyan Firstborn regiment can trace its existence back to their original mustering, ten thousand standard years before. Within each regiment, the officer corps is composed of those of noble birth, while the common soldiery are drawn from the worker families that make up the bulk of Vostroya's population.

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