To avoid this, either pat them dry or rinse, drain, and proceed with recipe as instructed. I paired this with the collard green burritos- amazing!! Smelled so good even while mixing it all up! I’m not sure it would work as well, but if you give it a try, just be sure to not over-blend! It did make six generous servings. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You say the yeast is optional, but I’d like to know what it is for. I’ll be making this again and again! I think you can tone down the cumin just a little. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the … So glad you enjoyed this recipe, Lindsay! Mixed it all together and put it in the dehydrator for 1.5 hours. I am thinking it might negatively affect the texture but I’m not really sure because I’ve never made something like this with soaked nuts before… I definitely don’t want to ruin 3 cups of organic walnuts and all these ingredients ? I also loved giving collard greens a try a wrap – I’ll definitely be using them instead of a tortilla in other recipes! I’m vegetarian and I love recipes that please vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. It’s an easy way to reduce your meat consumption without going completely vegetarian! This is so delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe subs, Patricia! Plus, in order to form them into tortillas that hold fillings, they need to be cooked. To make the vegan walnut chickpea taco meat: Add the walnuts to a food processor, and process until the mixture resembles bread crumbs. This was so amazing that even my picky, non-vegan husband really liked it! Add rest of the ingredients (up until tamari) and stir until incorporated. This releases the phytic acid and the nuts, at least for me are much easier to digest. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? You never know when a deep pantry will serve you! However, the three cups of walnuts recommendation makes it a very expensive dish to make, and also not a dish I would make regularly since my body is not used to consuming such a large quantity of nuts in one serving. was. Perfect for Taco Tuesdays! This taco “meat” is seriously dreamy! Thanks for sharing! In a medium nonstick pan over medium heat, add the onions and garlic along with 2-3 tablespoons of water. Fill the taco shells with the lentil walnut meat, tomato, avocado, kidney beans, corn, and lettuce and … I can’t wait to use this filling in other dishes as well, like pasta with pesto, lasagna…. Thanks, Dana! My daughter shared this with me and uses lettuce in place of tortillas—made once a week. Sour cream will last in the fridge for about a week. Preheat your oven to 350 Degrees. I definitely used less than 1/2 cup per taco because I had 3 of them ????. you have the ingredients? December 19, 2019 / by Claire Cary / 1 Comment. I’ve made this several times (similar but not exact) in the past and can’t wait to try yours. Thank you. I do not like radishes and I was not able to find any ripe avocados or habanero peppers in the store so we decided to use red cabbage, fresh scallions, cilantro, pico de Gallo (Penny’s Salsa)- I also used some in the walnut meat to add some spice instead of the habanero peppers, and iceberg lettuce instead. Gluten-free – quinoa or rice bowl with taco meat, salsa and guacamole (cheese can be added), or corn tacos. I totally realize that this is a raw recipe but… Do you think you could heat this? This. When the ‘taco meat’ is comprised of walnuts, I can’t help but think you might be better off with some red meat! Thanks so much for sharing! SmokySpicyHealthy fat + Protein-packedQuick + EasyCustomizableVersatile& So delicious. I may try this for our next carry in! Whoop! Thank you! To make the lime cashew sour cream put all the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. I did make this ALL WRONG and it came out so right!!! Maybe sunflower seeds? I wanted to like this dish and while it didn’t taste inherently bad, I just thought it was really labor intensive, and maybe I didn’t grind the walnuts enough, but I thought the crunchy walnut texture was distracting and too… walnutty. Thank you for the recipe ❤️. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I took out salt, replaced walnuts with cooked black beans, and half’d the whole recipe except the beans (walnut replacement). We are entering our third week of self isolating in Seattle suburbs. I haven’t had walnut meat in 20 years and I didn’t know how much I missed it! Served mine as a nacho appetizer – on a blue corn tortilla chip with a dice of avocado, a cilantro leaf, and a squeeze of lime. If I were to cook it, I’d just sauté it in a pan for a few minutes until slightly browned. Your site is amazing! My family loved it. This dish is easy and delicious and I look forward to making it again. I’m vegetarian and looking for new foods to try, but I hate to cook. I’m really enjoying my raw taco salad … I unfortunately do not have a food processor, so I did it by hand. This recipe is a keeper! The result was both spicy and bursting with flavour! My picky 11 yo even loved it, which is impressive as he doesn’t like anything new. CONTACT US . I just use whatever is fresh in my garden! Use it in tacos, burritos, nachos and more. I also gave this to my meat eating boyfriend and he loved it! Absolutely delicious! My husband mixed it in with his ground turkey taco meat and really liked it. So glad you enjoyed it. Instructions. The 2nd time, I used 2 tblsp of curry powder, some cumin, sugar and not the other spices. I was trying to think of some words that would describe me dancing as I chewed this satisfying and delicious recipe but take my word for it, I did a little swerve and hip swirl… um um um. We tend to have some digestive issues if we don’t soak nuts first. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Ellen! I ate this with a tortilla yesterday and today I added it to my pasta. Thanks, Dana! We are so glad you enjoyed your rendition of the recipe, Alissa! Thanks. This is amazing. Taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding more salt for saltiness, garlic for more “zing,” peppers for heat, cumin for smokiness, or coconut sugar to balance the heat. It worked great.) Add 1 Tbsp (15 ml) of reserved water at a time until a thick but pourable sauce is formed (see photo). It also freezes well. Thanks so much for sharing! Smoky walnut cauliflower chorizo (honestly though, the texture! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Fairly new to your site and am blown away! It’s so good with vegan sour cream, hot sauce and veges. You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. Thank! But it worked on the tacos! We use it on salads. I made this for dinner tonight. I finely diced zucchini, carrot, onion, bell pepper and tomato. Can’t figure out how to edit my comment. We are so glad you enjoyed it! This was so great. Wow! I have loved every MB recipe I have made but this was the first one that I felt I needed to review. This is so good! What can I say, I love salt! I tweeked it a little—not having smoked paprika or peppers—so used a chipotle and pepper salsa instead. Final Step: Add Cauliflower Walnut Taco Meat to a skillet to reheat, or in the … Thanks so much for sharing! I also added baked squash to balance out the flavors and make the servings less heavy. I may sub out the sugar for some dates next time and may add more garlic. Since it lasts 5 days in the refregirator, you can make it ahead and add a nice taco flair to various dishes throughout the week. It’ll impress even the biggest meat eater in the room and is perfect for meal prep. Let us know if you have trouble doing so! :). Love using this meet on rice bowls, tacos, and in collard green wraps. Kids loved it. I need to take out the habanero so my kids can eat it too. I loved it and my sister (non vegetarian) loved it too. I am a raw vegan and I look for ways to add more protein into my diet. Be sure to check out our Vegan Quinoa Taco “Meat” and these 14 Vegan Mexican-Inspired Recipes! Put mixture in bowl and add seasonings and mix. Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! I am having a party and making Mexican taco buffet. Add more water if needed to get a sour cream consistency. Thanks for a great and quick receipe! This was amazing. I eat mostly fruits/veggies, but sometimes you need something akin to a cooked meal. Hello, I am new to the raw vegan life style and I am mainly doing it to get healthy and lose weight, according to my calorie counting app 3 cups of walnuts are a little over 2000 kcal which is too many for me at the moment. This is SO flavorful! Sending big hugs! (Pug looked at it longingly from beneath our patio table, but we didn’t share any with him.) What happened, after I almost cried from “wasting” all those beautiful sun-dried tomatoes, was an amazing rendition of your recipe. They will lose only the bitter aftertaste of the phytic acid, tannin and anti-digestive enzymes. I could eat this everyday. Made it for a work cook-off and it was a huge hit! Would def recommend! Sadly we only have one package of sprouted corn tortillas and a few avocados left, but 2 pounds of walnuts in the freezer, so i will figure out what else this pairs with well. That’s spicy, chewy, flavorful, and crazy fast. Welcome to the site, Lindsey! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Trying to think what else might work here…. I made the walnut meat and OH! I would love to see you do more RAW VEGAN recipes as this one was epic and I love my raw food. Thanks so much for the lovely review. Thanks so much!! Again, I’m not a normal human and you probably won’t eat 10 tacos in a row; so shouldn’t be an issue if you go easy. [Repost with 5 stars] I never knew walnut meat was so easy to make. You can use anything. So glad to hear everyone enjoyed it, Suzanne! I’ve used it for tacos, added it to spaghetti squash with fire-roasted tomato sauce, and molded it like a veggie burger on a wonderfully soft wholewheat roll. Add it to salads, burritos, chili, pizza, and more! Have a question? Cheers, friends! This recipe looks delicious. This is going to sound really lame, but literally I just mixed a bit of plain Sabra hummus with mild Pace chunky salsa! Thank you for sharing. Yummy! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Let us know if you give it a try! Thanks for a great recipe! I understand that it’s healthy fats and provides good energy however, is there a lower calorie substitute I could use?

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