You can also pick up some valuable Stance Mods from Baro Ki’Teer from time to time. Blind Justice has a lot going for it, but not gonna lie, the main reason I stick with it is the stealth kill animation. If you are not inputting a movement key while meleeing, it’s usually a sign you want to finish off your target. Brutal tide is hands down the best stance. Used to close gaps on enemies through high mobility. I either fall into the e e e combo or get a charge attack :(. The exodia has a 50% chance to pull up enemies within a 12m range opening them up to stealth damage (700% bonus damage) for 2-3 seconds. Stances used per category are the stances that can apply the highest number of status procs. Their crit.damage and chance also scale with combo counter like any other melee. 1000 times this. One-handed Nikana: Sepfahn Zaw is the best with a riven (0.75/1.55 riven disposition) but tied with Nikana Prime without a riven. Exodias to use: Exodia Brave for heavy attack builds for extra energy, Exodia force for more damage, Exodia Hunt for slam attacks to pull enemies)., For single target elimination through hard hitting attacks. Enjoy! So even if the build you're using might end up with the highest DPS (which I haven't tested it even does) I wouldn't say it's also the best build for all real missions. Sword Stance Mods. Heavy Blade Stance Mods. This is mainly due to the fact that the Stance "final Harbinger" procs 2 Status "impact and slash". Sword is a type of one-handed Melee weapon in Warframe. Melee Combos are only available when a melee weapon is drawn, and cannot be performed via Quick Melee attacks when using a Primary or Secondary weapon. Stances can only be used on the weapon type they are labeled for, i.e. But these theoretical stats don't take into account various factors.

Beginning or end of combo may have slam effect for crowd control. Most stance cards have portraits set within a, Among stance mods equipable on weapons, the longest stance combos belong to. Leveling up Stance mods increases the amount of additional mod capacity they provide, as well as unlocks additional Melee Combos for use. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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mod sets in Deconstructor Prime. Can be equipped on: Broken War Cronus Dakra Prime Dark Sword Ether Sword Heat Sword Jaw Sword Krohkur Mire Pangolin Prime Pangolin Sword Plasma Sword Prisma Skana Skana Skana Prime denotes weapon … Well, I use shimmering Blight. Heavy Blades (2 handed swords): Gram Prime ( Highest base stats and riven disposition of 1.05/1.55, best with and without a riven). What stance do you use for staves? In Melee Rework Phase 2, attacks are buttery-smooth and adaptable! Many Melee Combos allow weapons to perform attacks they are incapable of doing without Stances, like giving single-target melee weapons like the Skana the ability to hit multiple enemies. Sparrings: Prisma Obex is the best with a riven (1.20/1.55 riven disposition) but Hirudo is the best without a riven. WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Kuva Shildeg (0.75/1.55 riven disposition) with at least 38% elemental damage (any element) will exceed any hammer including Fragor Prime with and without rivens but if you want to go beyond 1 million DPS then pay attention to this.! This helminth skill works well with hammers since hammers have the highest finisher multiplier per hit (x12). No more waiting for a combo attack animation to end before you can start spamming the attack button again! What does the majority do for each weapon type?

As long it has slash it is top tier melee. Ppl often quote "but the TRoyale stance has built in mobility while CW you just spin" and that could be no wrong-er, the left click forward combo gets you around just fine and plus you look like your granny swatting the poop outta some fly which I totally approve of. Any weapons in particular that are better with different stances than their polarity dictates? You want to consider how far each combo moves you, how easy it is to access the combo, and what multipliers are present. The faction mod is not considered but I have taken riven into consideration instead. Tempo is good for mobility and versatility, Cleaving is for pure DPS.

This rework of Combos applies to every Stance, not just the weapon types. OR even better, get a Kuva Shildeg with 60% heat damage and a riven with attack speed + crit. Stance Mods are special mods exclusive to Melee weapons that provide bonuses and additional attack capabilities. The choice of the stance is dependable on 4 things. Particularly the lower section (top 10) with all the dashes, it's really awkward. I feel a bit awkward comparing melee weapons based on some calculated DPS. Like, I can 1-3 Shot from 0 combo any enemy blow lvl 200 with kronen prime while Gram is unable to do that as well as being VERY slow doing whatever it does. In the event that a Warframe is knocked down in the middle of a melee combo chain, the combo can still be resumed once the Warframe initiates melee as its first move upon standing up. High damage multiplier. a Sword Stance cannot be used on a Polearm, and vice versa. I'm not sure if that counts, since that's the only stance for Blade/whip weapons. Feel free to disagree, and some are about equal, but this is just what I think, not counting quick attacks. DogShapedDog - it's the best shape for a dog. Machetes: Zaw machetes (0.90/1.55 riven disposition, best with and without riven, best combination would be Cyath, Peye, Vargeet II Jai, Exodias to use: Exodia Brave for heavy attack builds for extra energy, Exodia force for more damage, Exodia Hunt for slam attacks to pull enemies). This means it is a good idea to experiment with stances and combos to find something that you enjoy and is effective.

Heavy Blade Stance Mods. Heavy attack builds follow the same pattern for all weapons so these are also the best using heavy attack builds. Completed!!! Most people will always say Shimmering Blight because it's not a pain to use — would you agree, or does Flailing Branch have some secret upside? Dual Daggers: Fang Prime (The only Prime dual daggers with a riven disposition of 1.30/1.55, best with and without a riven). Cleaving Whirlwind: Rending Crane: Tempo Royale: Noble Cadence (Conclave only) Heavy Blade Weapons . I can't seem to get any except sword and whip, or fists. We also wanted melee attacks to feel more intuitive. How comes that "the best" Weapon aka Gram Prime in your dps sheet cannot even remotely hand water to kronen prime? 5 years ago. Players may hold in place by pressing the back button while performing this combo; this overrides the. Sword: Rare Crossing Snakes: Multi-angle strikes and deadly thrust attacks Dual Swords: … For example, Tatsu is actually pretty solid, but holy moly Wise Razor is a terrible stance, animation locks for days. Melee combos are initiated by inputting different inputs of the Melee key (PC default E , see also Key Bindings) and various other keys, for example   + E    + E    + E , where the E  key is tapped three times in succession, whiling holding down the   key. They documented multiplier/multhit/guaranteedprocs/slams of the individual strikes in each combo, they have an example gif. You can view all combos that will be available with a Stance by clicking the “Combos” button beside the stance mod when it is installed in a weapon. Without Riven---------------------------------------------With Riven (disposition), Dual Keres--------------204.5k-----1) Dual Keres-------------611.6k (1.20/1.55), Nami Skyla Prime--------201.5k-----2) Nami Skyla Prime-------494.6k (1.00/1.55), Prisma Dual Cleavers----200.6k-----3) Twin Krohkur-----------425.5k (1.25/1.55), Dual Cleavers-----------197.4k-----4) Dual Raza--------------424.8k (1.40/1.55), Dark Split-sword--------169k-------5) Prisma Dual Cleavers---423.5k (1.10/1.55), Dual Ichor--------------165k-------6) Dual Cleavers------------417k (1.20/1.55), Dual Raza---------------152.1k-----7) Dark Split-sword---------415k (1.21/1.55), Twin Krohkur------------140.3k-----8) Dual Ether---------------410k (1.45/1.55), Dual Ether--------------139k-------9) Dual Ichor-------------398.5k (1.16/1.55), Dual Kamas Prime-------125k ------10) Dual Kamas Prime--------237k (1.05/1.55). Recently, I have been trying to raise up a controversial subject I made around ”Shattering Impact” being able to replace corrosive on weapons with “Impact” as its primary damage such as most of the hammers or weapons that have stances that force “Impact” such as heavy blades and staves and, again, hammers.

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