Fixed file paths appearing for Helios Prime when crafting it in the Foundry. Once vacuum became a universal mod for all sentinels, I've pretty much used Helios only, with the rare exception of Carrier whenever I need ammo. Fixed an issue with Helios scanning objects that have already been fully scanned. Shades invis isn't reliable and rarely saves your ass. If you think we missed some important information, feel free to leave us a comment and help out the community with your knowledge! The difficulty of buying and crafting Helios really depends on whether you are in a clan that already has the research done or if you still need to do the research yourself. Helios no longer scans Solaris Lore Fragments. Enemies must have a completed codex entry prior to entering the mission to be eligible to be marked with a weakspot. Deconstructor Statistics Helios can now use Synthesis Scanners if there are no Codex Scanners equipped or remaining in the player's Gear.  Targeting Receptor Investigator Detect Vulnerability. Carrier Dethcube Diriga Djinn Helios Oxylus Shade Taxon Wyrm Helios is a Corpus support Sentinel pre-equipped with the Glaive-esque Deconstructor as its default weapon and the Investigator precept to assist the player with Codex scans. Deconstructor Prime can now be used on non-Prime Helios. The rare mod works similar to Banshee’s Sonar ability and will reveal a weak spot. If yes, the marks have chance to appear on the same spot of the enemy body? Fixed issue with Helios caused by viewing another players profile then entering a Mission, causing Helios to count scans from other players completed Codex. Fixed an issue with Helios' incorrectly scanning objects outside of the players aim as well as objects whose Codex entry is already complete. I'm not gonna stop and scan flowers and shit, but i do want my codex filled. Helios will not scan an enemy if its codex entry is complete. Honestly, this build isn’t very different from the first version, but you get to use Synth Fiber with Enhanced Vitality and Repair Kit to make your Helios a little bit tougher. His weapon somehow deals massive damage, and i have no reason to pick carrier as long as my weapon has enough ammo. 8,000 100 250 Helios will now also turn towards the target that is being scanned. Improved the performance of the Helios' Scanner ability. The only downside is I melee a lot and I had to max a separate set of melee mods for it since I can't share mods. Even with full Codex you are alerted by new and weird additions to the game that might have not been mentioned in patch notes. Fixed incorrect Energy colors on the Simaris Helios Skin. Fixed Helios' Deconstructor not continuously firing. Polarity Your email address will not be published. Fixed a bug where non-Helios Sentinels could equip the Deconstructor when randomizing their loadout. He scans plants as well. Fixed being able to equip Deconstructor on a Sentinel that is not Helios. I have played warframe for 3/4 years now and have only used Carrier/p and Taxon for sentinels and only really used Carrier because of that sweet vacuum.

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