“Oh…” Firestar sighed.

“I wanted to tell you something… But I didn’t think I would run into you so soon,” Jayfeather confessed. They seem like they need help,” Wolffeather muttered, loneliness showing brightly in her eyes.

That’s his name,” Wolffeather mewed, closing her eyes and lifting her chin. Skypaw is just like any normal apprentice. Thanks Guys! We tend to keep kin to ourselves.

Brackenfur took up the rear of the patrol. So now if anybody is having issues with submitting, note one of us and we'll try to help. Browse through and read warrior cat fanfiction stories and books. “Sure,” she purred as she set her day’s catch down on the fresh-kill pile. “Firestar and I would like to talk to you about… A mate,” Brambleclaw hissed out the last two words. Another cat padded over and nudged him in the shoulder. “Anyway, we need to ask you one more thing,” Firestar continued, his tail wrapped over his forepaws again. “Do you recall her name?” Firestar asked, running his tail along her spine. “Hello Firestar, Sandstorm,” she mewed quietly, nodding acknowledgement to the ginger she-cat. Hissing with frustration, Jayfeather was toppled over in an instant.

“I-I’m sorry,” she muttered under her breath.

“Well, we thought you were trying to go after me,” Brambleclaw purred, amusement showing brightly in his amber gaze. Spark Character Guide. “Well, at least we got that out of the way,” Brambleclaw muttered, as Wolffeather stood and shook her pelt, sand flying all over the place. “Listen… Wolffeather… You have a secret much greater than anyone else in this clan,” Jayfeather explained, sitting up and shaking his pelt off, sending dust and dirt flying everywhere. Lionblaze also seems like he is distracted. She turned and saw Lionblaze coming in with the Moonhigh patrol.

Wolffeather obeyed, and Leafpool got the thorns out in no time at all.

Leaves rustled around Jayfeather as Wolffeather immerged from the bushes to the left of him. “But, he was still a good cat!” Wolffeather’s pelt bristled, her teeth almost bearing in a snarl. He was talking to me right before you walked in here. Warrior cats lemons // requests O... by Finchleap 1K 2 2 these are warrior cats lemons, aka NSFW/mating stories requested by other people! The longing to be with his littermate touched Wolffeather’s gentle but fierce heart.

“You already know. “See you when I get back for the hunting patrol!”. “Yeah, I know where that is. One day, Hollypaw and several of the other apprentices decide to hang around ShadowClan territory. Kin isn’t a loud to train kin,” Wolffeather hissed again, her fur standing on end so she looked three times her size. Sorreltail, Dustpelt, and Brambleclaw appeared in a matter of seconds after Cloudtail had finished saying that. “Lionblaze is falling for you, Wolffeather. “What about them?” Wolffeather asked, curiosity eating away at her by this time. I’ll tell Leafpool, be back in a sec,” Jayfeather mumbled, as he disappeared into the medicine cats’ den. Haha!” Wolffeather continued, as Brambleclaw looked embarrassed to even mention it. “That can’t be possible! After what seemed like a whole moon of silence, Firestar finally had talked. “Thanks a bunch, Wolffeather!” Ferncloud’s soft but strong voice whispered to Wolffeather, trying not to wake up the two sleeping bundles next to her stomach.

Maybe even more than you, Rusty,” Wolffeather purred out his kittypet name, even though she was insulting her clan leader. Wolffeather settled back down, her eyes still guarded, as she meowed, “Why should I tell anyone who I want to choose as my mate?”. Huh?” Wolffeather hissed, rearing back onto her two hind-paws. Do you know where that is?” Ferncloud explained, and then asked. She practiced walking, even though she was still limping a little. Before you leave, I need to send you a message,” Ferncloud mewed to her, just as she was about to leave the nursery.

This backfires when a ShadowClan patrol attacks them for encroaching on their territory. I know that it was hard on you, making this decision, but I’m glad you let me stay here, and actually let me call something my home.

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