Killin it Billy, so proud and happy for you. Wiley started hard (“You never cared about grime, you just used it/ Worse than Ed with your watered down music”) and Stormzy came back harder (“Crackhead c***”).

cmon bro. The rapper’s feud with Canibus started back in 1997 with collaboration 4, 3, 2, 1, when a throwaway line from Canibus about LL Cool J’s tattoo of a microphone sparked a rivalry. w/out haters, hiphop just wouldnt be hiphop so thank u for takin time out yo day to hate

thank you YEA! That opened the door for the rest like Yelawolf, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Kid ink, Tyga, Young thug, Lil uzi vert, 21 savage, Kodak Black, Travis Scott, Lil peep, XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, Post Malone, Tekashi69, Lil skies, Trippy redd, Famous Dex, and probably many others to get face tattoos. He needs to sign Asher Roth and then it’ll be crazy. I guess we’ll see what yelawolf does from here. Most people out there seem really excited about this History being made….especially for Yelawolf! SLAUGHTERHOUSE SECOND STUDIO ALBUM Most definitely not a subtle one, even the beat quite literally says “F*** Jay-Z”, while the record opens with the sound of gunfire. That’s why Rihanna is only managed by Roc Nation and not actually on the label. Good move for Shady, they needed to jump start their label with some real MCs…….


– Living Proof … Hell Royce’s verses on the Orignial Renegades kills Jay-z!

Oh wait no, nevermind, I havent.

Check out some quotes below; the top one is Em, and the bottom is Yelawolf. While many diss tracks are coded and indirect in their subject matter, there’s no prize for guessing who The Warning is aimed at.

RR is next to get owned. This is awsome,i think Yelawolf is a dope rapper so im happy with it.Slaughterhouse on Shady is just EPIC. I got to have a disccussion about this @Zoom Zoom please explain to me how this is wack? The rapper’s feud with Canibus started back in 1997 with collaboration 4, 3, 2, 1, when a throwaway line from Canibus about LL Cool J’s tattoo of a microphone sparked a rivalry. why the fuck are you niggers comparing shady to that garbage young money. Just like Jimmy iovine talked Dre into signing Em back in 99′ and talked 50 into signing Game. Dr Dre has been one of the most influential — and controversial — figures in the game for decades.

one white nigger single-handedly took down three major clowns that belongs to that label. Yela Wolf is going to give shady that appeal from southern fans. Check ya history b4 u make dumb ass remarks!!!!! He laid down the track believing Biggie had been involved in a 1994 shooting at Tupac’s studio, which had left the rapper fighting for his life.

And now that I’ve become anapprentice to one of the greatest artists in the world, my potential reaches beyond anything I ever imagined. Psh fuck that, all yall hatin on yelawolf, dude’s gonna come out on with some heaters on shady.

BTW, Eminem and Joey B are two of the illest.

You will never get signed with a retarted attitude like that!!!!! Royce finally got there. This is gonna be an epic few years for the Shady roster, if all pans out the way it should of course. Do your homework dipshit! Now it’s time to go to the top. Shady records>Roc Nation>G.O.O.D. CARTER IV!!!!!

JIMMY > YOU. Yelawolf was the best choice slaughterhouse Fail! Hip-Hop is what’s important, and the impact these guys will have on it will be everlasting. Lil Wayne – Fell the fuck off.. makes decent tracks from time to time. Only person who raps better than Eminem is Busta Rhymes Drake, J. Cole, Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky face Kendrick’s wrath — not even Big Sean himself escapes.

I didn’t say shit negative, i said months ago y’all were clowning XXL and now y’all praising it. Rocnation and young money and maybach music and grand hustle will mvrder these cock sucker you stans ears are clog up from white nigga cum. Jae Millz – aiight… nothin special

But hes not worth payin money to listen to thats for sure. Most people know of Rick Ross because he was such a big individual for the longest time. OMG!!


Twist – Wack as hell.

this is another strong team. He was at his strongest when his powerful voice was allowed to soar on the pop songs among his repertoire. The best moments last night came when Malone performed with nothing more than a single guitar and emotive lyrics.

They both are so sick in music.

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