Most of the group’s measurement deviated from the measurement of 2 grams by less than 0.005 grams. Initial Mass Of Copper -2. Whether it be miscalculation or careless mistakes, the results were altered in some way that differs from the law of conservation of mass. Mass Of Evaporating Dish 4.

%PDF-1.5 %���� The result of this copper lab should have been that the mass of the initial copper and the mass of the final copper equals each other. In our case, my group measured out 2.004 grams of copper. The basis behind this experiment is the law of conservation of mass. This particular lab report shows my ability to work with quantitative data, and analyze the calculations and measurements from the lab.… Mass Of Copper And Evaporating Dish - 3. This surplus of water may have resulted in the greater mass and moles of the final solution. endstream endobj startxref Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Question: REPORT SHEET EXPERIMENT Chemical Reactions Of Copper 6 And Percent Yield - 1. The initial mass of the copper was 2.004 grams. The purpose of this lab is demonstrate the use of the conservation of mass through a series of chemical reactions. The problem was that there was not a 13 on the scale. The goal of this lab was to see if the mass of copper would be same after going through a series of chemical reactions. It is believed that the process was known (metallurgy) as early as 4500 BC. endstream endobj 426 0 obj <. trial initial volume final volume (mL) concentration mass copper () (&/L) 16. ol a O: 95% (b) Calculate the mass of copper chloride in the volume of solution used. 0 36% 76% 3.7%.76% Not enough information is given to make this calculation. Question: Post-Lab Report (a) Report The Collected Data With The Correct Uncertainty. The beaker would take a while in order to start heating up. It is a ductile, malleable metal and is easily pounded and/or drawn into various shapes for use as wire, ornaments and implements of various types. There were many sources of error present throughout this experiment. This experiment would involve the use of copper (Cu) in a series of reactions that when finished, should equal the same amount of mass as when first started. It is important to add the NaOH slowly, because you are adding a base to an acid. Another would be that inside the evaporating dish, there was a crusty, gelatin-like substance that surrounded the dried up solution.

Density of post-1982 penny = 7.19 g/mL . The most probable reason for this result is the abundance in the sources of error throughout the experiment. Doing this added more water to the solution which could have altered the results. Pennies dated 1982-present: Composition: 97.5% zinc, 2.5% copper. After all of the chemical reactions have finished, the final mass of copper was 6.85 grams. This may have affected the results due to the lack of acidity. h�bbd``b`�$V ��@�eH$�� Another error at this time could be that it was not 2 grams. There mere weight of this substance could be enough to alter the final weight of the product.

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These masses differ quite tremendously. While stirring the solution with a glass rod, slowly add 15 mL of Dil (6 M) NaOH to precipitated Cu(OH)2. The  results deviated from the weight of copper by 4.841 grams. b=�: �-��"�n�.��2����b"B�_�j[�1012�%�D�g��` �^ D Mass Of Recovered Copper , 5. There was a significant amount of moles in surplus in comparison to the moles of the final product and the initial product. This could affect the results dramatically. The most probable source of error must have been that there were still some solid zinc that did not react with the copper sulfate. Nitrogen gas was formed. This could be said due to the overwhelming difference in mass and mole of the final and initial moles and mass. Due to the Law of Conservation of Mass, one would predict that after any number of chemical reactions and phase changes, the final mass and number of moles of copper would remain the same as the initial amounts.

After this process, there was a wait time of 5 minutes. The final moles of copper was .1077 moles. Following the heating, there were some of the solution that was on the side of the beaker. Percent Yield = (moles of copper recovered. Initial Mass of Copper                                                                                2.004 grams. The beaker was to be kept on the heater for 5 minutes, starting when it begins to boil. The knob that was controlling the heat was constantly turned up and down due to the violent bubbling. The time it took to heat did not reach 5 minutes. The initial mass of the copper was 2.004 grams. A source of error that could be present at this time could have been that the scale was not properly calibrated, thus throwing off the weighted measurement. One of the error occurred when testing the pH. The initial and final moles of Copper should have also been the same. This could have drastically increased the final weight of the copper. Show One Sample Calculation Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Mass Copper Chloride (c) Calculate The Mass Of Chlorine. Trial Initial Volume Final Volume (mL) Concentration Mass Copper (&/L) 16. 462 0 obj <>stream Lab #6 Chemical Transformations of Copper Introduction: Copper was one of the first metals to be isolated, due to the ease of separating it from its ores.

Ol A O: 95% (b) Calculate The Mass Of Copper Chloride In The Volume Of Solution Used. Percent Yield (show Calculations) % Yield-reca Era Mass Cre- $83 6. Post-Lab Report (a) Report The Collected Data With The Correct Uncertainty.

All of the copper in precipitate form has been removed. Step II (Conducted at your lab bench) 1. & View desktop site, Post-Lab Report (a) Report the collected data with the correct uncertainty. 1) Th product of the reaction between copper and nitric acid in step 2  is placed on ice because it is needed to control the temperature of the reaction.

After all of the chemical reactions have finished, the final mass of copper was 6.85 grams. The initial moles of copper was 0.0315 grams. Another error would be caused during the decanting process. During the stage when each groups were to heat  their beaker with their mixture in it, the heating was considerably inconsistent. The percent yield was calculated at 341.9%. At the start of the lab, each group was to measure as close to 2 grams of copper as possible. |

These masses differ quite tremendously. trial 1 trial 2 trial 3 mass chlorine (d) Calculate the moles of copper () and chlorine (u) and the ratio (w/x). Even this small deviation from the ideal amount could cause a difference in calculations. Many errors would follow. The group may have not waited long enough to let all of the product reach to the bottom of the beaker. The initial mass of copper used in the experiment was 2.004 grams, and the initial moles of copper was 0.0315. Show one sample calculation trial 1 trial 2 trial 3 mass copper chloride (c) Calculate the mass of chlorine. your copper solution.

Terms When decanting the solution, it was hard to extract all of the water from the solution. There should have only been little deviation from 2.00 grams. In this lab, each group had the initial mass of the copper close to 2.00 grams. If you recover 1.8 grams of copper from a reaction where you started with 5.00 grams of copper(II) chloride and an excess of aluminum, what is your percent yield of copper? Show one sample calculation trial 1 trial 2 rial 3 moles of copper moles of chloride mol( chlorine) mol (copper) (e) Report the formula CuCly/, using the average ratio CHM 117 Spring 2018. This should have been impossible. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to accurately determine the densities of pre-1982 and post-1982 pennies. © 2003-2020 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. In addition the errors above, another source of error may have came from the final weighing process. Show one sample calculation. Make and record your observations on page 5 .

445 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4964B7B108E29346BB75D38CE0516694>]/Index[425 38]/Info 424 0 R/Length 94/Prev 54442/Root 426 0 R/Size 463/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream After the lab was finished, the final mass of the copper was 6.845 g, and the final … Privacy 425 0 obj <> endobj Cu + HNO 3 - The solution became blue. 10�����`+-x�%e�7�\o����M�a��%|[��MJi?bqP��s ����00���Y��$��.W@T1 �8. After putting the copper through many chemical reactions and phase changes, the final mass of the copper was  6.845 grams of copper. The cooling of the solution is also needed to speed up the process of the formation of a solid product. %%EOF A member of the group would use droplets of water to spray down the solution from the sides of the beaker. The pH tester was suppose indicate a color that matches the number 13.

Laboratory Report 1 Title: Accurate Measurement of Mass and Volume Part A: The Formula of Hydrated Copper (II) Sulfate Aim: The objective of this experiment is to find out the accurate mass of a solid and to calculate the moles of an unknown. Density of pre-1982 penny = 8.87 g/mL . This result defies the law of conservation of mass.

This information also differs. The goal of this lab was to see if the mass of copper would be same after going through a series of chemical reactions. Composition: 95% copper, 5% zinc. One source of error would be the inaccurate calibration. 6.

This is a lab report for my General Chemistry class. The final weight should have been 2.004 grams of copper. If the product is not cooled, the reaction would be too violent to deal with. The assignment was to create a formal lab report that expresses data and observations, lab procedure, and a discussion of the data with a conclusion.

Freezing Point Depression with Antifreeze Lab. The law of conservation of mass says that matter can neither be created or destroyed.

The initial and final moles of Copper should have also been the same.

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