The idea of the Philippines producing cheap crap is a myth. In general, tactical optics for the AR 15 fall into two categories: cheap junky stuff, or extremely high-end optics. I love my Burris Signature Select 3-10x 40mm, and my Pentax Lightseeker XL 4-16x 44mm which are also Made in the USA, but if they can't be repaired, (if ever broken) I will not be happy with an Asian model unless its made … It’s a simple step-by-step process, and all the information you need can be found with a Google search. Burris would be constantly at the forefront of optics technology up until this day. Yes, there is, and for those persons who are conversant with the guns, they have come across the Burris Scope. Success relies on starting with a solid foundation. To make the most of the Eliminator you need to use Burris’ website and software to custom calibrate the Burris Eliminator to your specific rifle, load of choice, muzzle velocity, bullet type, etc. The scope nor the box say where the scope is made which I thought was odd. Either of the two gives the user a magnified tactical option for their AR 15.

The most popular optic in their line is the Burris Fullfield 2. Jun 30, 2009 #4 Re: List of where scopes …

If I'm wrong, I'll be back. One popular model from the brand would be the Full Field II 2-7 x 25mm, which has the impressive specifications that can work in either tactical or hunting situation. Understanding Hunting Optics: Scopes vs Binoculars vs Monoculars vs Goggles, Lightweight Hunting Tripods for Spotting Scopes Review, Best Spotting Scopes for Bird Watching Reviews. Well, I get the scope home and notice that nowhere does it say where it is made.

BOLTRIPPER Not Carlos Danger. ARs, AKs, G3 clones, Tavors, and more are extremely popular. Burris scopes were first made in the USA by Burris Optics Company. There are four different sizes, and seven different scopes in the Droptine family. Burris reticles are designed with unique features to help enhance your long-distance shooting experience. © TEXT Consumer Files - All Rights Reserved. It’s a tiny optic that weighs less than an ounce without any mounting hardware. Take your glassing to a higher level with the premium glass and rugged body of Burris binoculars and spotting scopes. We have hats and shirts, of course! The Buckmaster is a *hair* clearer....I could clearly read the dealer sticker on the minivan down the street about 250 yards with the Nikon; but I couldn't quite make it out with the Burris. Made by renowned hunting optics manufacturer Don Burris, Burris Scope is a piece of hunting equipment shooters used to gain very clear vision of your target no matter the weather condition or area they are in. Hitherto, this rifle is still popular amongst shooters from across the world. Don contributed greatly to the rifle scope industry and was responsible for innovations like 4-12x and 6-18x power optics. 5 Helpful Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera Troubleshooting to Follow, The Ultimate Hunter’s Guide on How To Choose A Gun Safe, How Long Are Deer Pregnant?

Burris has always been a part of that life. Shooting and hunting is more than a hobby. Both of them are bright, and I couldn't see any difference..but the Burris has a 44mm objective, and I would have thought it would be brighter, especially at dusk. The United States of America Why are Burris’ scopes made in China now when everyone who bought those scopes wanted it made in the USA? He also helped created a non-magnifying, centered reticle that is used in almost all magnified scopes. What You Need To Know, How Fast Can A Deer Run? The Burris tactical line of scopes and sights are optics designed for situations where there is no tolerance for failure: law enforcement work, facing a threat to your personal protection, or competing in a 3 gun or long-range competition. These days they are finding acceptance with shooters of all types, including concealed carriers.

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