Which family of clouds is least likely to contribute to structural icing on an aircraft: Definition. The aerodynamic effects of accreted ice on the continued safe flight of an aircraft are a complex subject because of the many forms such ice accretion can take. Smooth air and poor visibility due to fog, haze, or low clouds. The more frequent the lightning, the more intense the storm. Runback ice forms when supercooled liquid water moves aft on the upper surface of the wing or tailplane beyond the protected area and then freezes as clear ice. The drain masts involved are those from aircraft galleys or toilet compartments which are normally heated to prevent ice formation but for some reason have not been operating as intended. Any ice remaining after a de-icing system of this type has been selected off is sometimes referred to as residual ice. When is the temperature at one of the forecast altitudes omitted at a specific location or station in the Winds and Temperatures Aloft Forecast (FD)? 2 . Which of the following clouds are classified in the "low" family of clouds? A MAYDAY declaration due to a perception of continuing ‘control problems’ was followed by a comprehensively unstabilised ILS approach to Madrid. Hazards arising from the presence of ice on an airframe include: Ice accretion on critical parts of an airframe unprotected by a normally functioning anti-icing or de-icing system can modify the airflow pattern around airfoil surfaces such as wings and propeller blades leading to loss of lift, increased drag and a shift in the airfoil centre of pressure. Rain ended 42 past the hour, snow began 42 past the hour. When this occurs, the droplet will impinge further aft than a typical cloud-sized droplet, possibly beyond the protected area and form clear ice. Recovery was then delayed because the correct stall recovery procedure was not followed. A temperature inversion will normally form only: 7 . Temperatures freezing or below and visible liquid moisture. Which is the best indication as to the intensity of a thunderstorm? Choose the most complete answer. high clouds AC 00-6A: Term. What are the four families of clouds? When does an occluded front produce the most dangerous forms of weather? Seldom longer than 15 minutes from the time the burst strikes the ground until dissipation. 12 . 18 . Historically, ice forming on some types of unheated aerials has been the cause of degraded performance of radios but this has not been encountered in the case of modern radio equipment and aerials. 16 . 6 . What type clouds can be expected when an unstable air mass is forced to ascend a mountain slope? * C) High clouds. Aircraft, predominantly propeller-driven, which rely on wing and tail ice protection by de-icing, principally by pneumatic deicing boots, and are operated in icing conditions which exceed the capability of the protection. Clouds with extensive vertical development. Regardless of the type of terrain, any aircraft without airframe ice protection systems which is flown in icing conditions can quickly encounter a stall and loss of control due to the excessive drag and loss of lift which ice accretion can bring. The Investigation found that the crew had not responded to the problem in accordance with prescribed procedures and that at no time during the episode had they set Maximum Continuous Power to aid prompt and effective recovery. 8 . What is the primary difference between a ceiling caused by an obstruction to vision and one caused by clouds? 12 . “Supercooled Large Droplet (SLD)....[has] a diameter greater than 50 micrometers (0.05 mm). If the surface temperature of an aircraft structure is below zero, then moisture within the atmosphere may turn to ice as an immediate or secondary consequence of contact. In mountainous terrain, this very often leads to a stall followed by a loss of control when the pilot attempts to maintain altitude over the high terrain. Partial or complete blockage of the air inlet to any part of a pitot static system can produce errors in the readings of pressure instruments such as Altimeters, Airspeed indicators, and Vertical Speed Indicators. Which changes of state of moisture absorb heat energy? This phenomenon may also occur in Cumulonimbus anvil clouds, where the ice crystals may be mixed with SLD to incur significant icing. An increase in temperature with altitude is known as an: 12 . The most significant ice accretion in any cloud can be expected to occur at temperatures below, but close to, 0˚C. Which of the following characterizes the dissipating stage of the thunderstorm cell? UA/OV OKC 063064/TM 1522/FL080/TP BE1900/TA M04/WV 245040/TB LGT/RM IN CLR. 14 . One of the greatest hazards of thunderstorms is hail, which is a hazard: 11 . The Weather Depiction Chart is issued how often and is a valuable source of what information? The modified airflow pattern may significantly alter the pressure distribution around flight control surfaces such as ailerons and elevators. A) Low clouds. Which type of fog is formed by the process of sublimation? 17 . 11 . This results in runback and progressive freezing of the remaining liquid and since the resultant frozen deposit contains relatively few air bubbles as a result, the accreted ice is transparent or translucent. MRB UA/OV MRB/TM1430/FL060/TPC182/SK BKN BL/WX RA/TB MDT. 8 . 15 . Any drizzle or rain which is encountered at temperatures of freezing or below is likely to generate significant ice accretion in a very short period of time, even if reasonable forward visibility prevails, and such conditions should be exited by any appropriate change of flight path. 1 . Which condition would result in the air becoming unstable? Extract from Transport Canada Aviation Safety Letter 1/2007: Flight Safety Foundation - Flight Safety Digest, January 1996: Flight Safety Foundation - Flight Safety Digest, April 2005: see also FAA "Lessons Learned from Transport Airplane Accidents": EGAST Safety Promotion Leaflet (GA5) for GA operations: EGAST Safety Promotion Leaflet (GA10) for GA operations: This page was last edited on 31 August 2020, at 22:39. 7 . A prognostic chart depicts the conditions: Forecast to exist at a specific time in the future. Weather radar is designed to detect large droplets since they are not only an indication of potential in-flight icing but also updrafts and wind shear. 4 . 17 . Which type of clouds are most likely to form in moist stable air? Microscopic particles of salt, dust, and combustion byproducts are necessary for water vapor molecules to change state from gas to liquid or solid. 10 . In-Flight Airframe Icing occurs when supercooled water freezes on impact with any part of the external structure of an aircraft during flight. Wind shear associated with a thunderstorm is commonly found where? How should you alleviate this danger? 1 . Moving up in the atmosphere, unsaturated air gets cooler at approximately what rate (dry adiabatic lapse rate)? With either a wind shift or a wind speed gradient at any level in the atmosphere. 13 . Which condition would be most likely for the formation of rime ice? Which of the following clouds are part of the "middle" cloud family? It is now also recognised that the effects of high level ice crystal icing can have what are usually transient effects on the effectiveness of normally functioning pitot probe heating. Averaging conditions to create an ideal atmosphere. Which values are used for winds aloft forecasts? These horns have been observed to occur in a variety of forms in a wide range of locations along a leading edge and, because clear ice has a more robust structure than rime ice, they can reach larger sizes.

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