What HAL fails to mention is that David is actually capable of delaying this checkmate slightly if he makes a certain move. He is the hidden main antagonist of 2001 and a major protagonist in 2010. You see, HAL was ordered by his superiors that under no circumstances would he tell David and Frank about the true nature of their mission. However, a central piece of HAL's programming is that he's unable to lie to his human crewmates. In the end, Kubrick settled on Douglas Rain, who had previously narrated a 1960 documentary called Universe, which Kubrick apparently liked a great deal. Stanley Kubrick chose to use the large Fairchild-Curtis lens to shoot the HAL 9000 POV shots because he needed a wide-angle fisheye lens that would fit onto his shooting camera, and this was the only lens at the time that would work. Let's see how long till it turns into an edit war ;). Dr. David Bowman (Keir Dullea) disconnects HAL. I believe HAL is not evil, but was programmed to carry out his task until it is done.

Some attentive viewers have noticed that HAL's relationship with David in 2001: A Space Odyssey has undercurrents of romance. However, in both cases the suspense comes from the question of what HAL will do when he knows that he may be destroyed by his actions. Hal is then saved from destruction at the hands of Jupiter as per Dave's will, and is transformed into a Star Child like Dave. He was, in fact suffering from a condition that would be characterised in humans as a form of self-destructive psychosis. A recording of the IBM 7094's rendition is below.

After all, if not even HAL is "foolproof and incapable of error," how can we expect Kubrick to be? He tries to kill the crew to save the mission. Translating their lip motions, Hal learns of their plans for his disconnection; according to Clarke, "he (will) be deprived of all his inputs, and thrown into an unimaginable state of unconsciousness. He was initially considering using Rain as the narrator for the 2001: A Space Odyssey, but once he decided to not include any narration in the film, Kubrick realized that Rain's eerily calm delivery and difficult to place "bland mid-Atlantic accent" were exactly what he was looking for in a voice for HAL. ’ is one of the film’s big unanswered questions.

After Frank is killed while attempting to repair the communications antenna he is pulled away into deep space using the safety tether which is still attached to both the pod and Frank Poole's spacesuit. so why kill … HAL uses one of the Discovery's EVA pods to kill Poole while he is repairing the ship. 2. MyLego Network has a Rank 10 "networker" named PAL 9000 (often referred to as PAL or AICP). Cookies help us deliver our Services. His first instructor was Dr. Chandra. However, he was too afraid of the potential backlash to ever come out publicly. His final act of consciousness is to play a briefing that Dr. Heywood R. Floyd pre-recorded about the Tycho Monolith before their departure, and the real purpose of the Discovery I's mission. One song titled "HAL 9000" is obviously a song about HAL with audio excerpts remixed to an industrial track. Remember how in Kubrick's 1968 visionary science fiction masterpiece, astronaut Dave Bowman (Keir Dullea) is forced to shut the supercomputer HAL 9000 down after it malfunctions and kills the rest of the crew on their Jupiter-bound spacecraft? It seems certain that Kubrick used this as the inspiration for HAL's signoff in his movie. IBM 7094 mainframe computer at Bell Laboratories. in 2001: A Space Odyssey, why did HAL kill the three hibernating men? This answer to the question What caused HAL 9000 to go mad? We think HAL's got a smoother voice, but the 7094's performance was more historic by far. During the game of chess that HAL plays with astronaut David Poole, HAL actually makes a pair of misplays in close succession. [17] This was found along with the key to HAL's Brain Room. Sorry about this. (2010 The Year We Make Contact Soundtrack), 02 Ode To The Sun (Intro). They decide to reinstall the antenna, and then if the device continues to work properly, they plan to disconnect HAL. Plus, Star Trek: Discovery begins Season 4 shoot. Is there any way to average resistors together to get a tighter overall resistance tolerance? While part of HAL's hardware is shown toward the end of the film, he is mostly depicted as a camera lens containing a red or yellow dot, instances of which are located throughout the ship. The offenders folded or eventually went out of business. To add another point to @Richard's excellent answer; in the movie, immediately before the HAL "discovers" the fault, he has this conversation with Dave. His first instructor was Dr. Chandra. HAL speaks in a soothing male voice, always using a calm tone. It turns out that in 1961, the IBM 7094, among the earliest and largest mainframe machines developed by the computing giant, became the first computer to sing, and the tune it warbled was—you guessed it—"Daisy Bell." The Boss fight against it is somewhat similar to the scene where HAL is shut down, The Eye even repeats HAL's Last words "Daisy...Daisy.".

Their dynamic during chess games and drawing critiques is surprisingly intimate. Another, slightly more complex version of this idea was that HAL had a different, much smaller glitch when he reported to Dave that there was a problem with the ship's antenna. But that’s just our theory – during production, Kubrick drastically recast the ‘Jupiter Mission’ episode and deleted any clear explanation of HAL’s behavior. In this reading, this is the only true malfunction HAL has throughout the film. Combichrist has two songs on the album What the fuck is wrong with you people. Fictional character in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series, Ted Friedman, Electric Dreams: Computers in American Culture, NYU Press - 2005, page 101, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, machines will be capable, within twenty years, of doing any work a man can do, one of computational speed (which was predicted to increase), University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, National Center for Supercomputing Applications, "Meanings: The Search for Meaning in 2001", "Background: Bell Labs Text-to-Speech Synthesis: Then and Now Bell Labs and 'Talking Machines, "The original HAL 9000 film prop for sale by auction London 25th November", "RESULTS: Pop Culture-Film and Entertainment Memorabilia", "Adam Savage Tours Peter Jackson's Movie Prop Collection!

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