If a genetic female produces male staminate flowers and pollenates itself, the markers to make a genetically male plant are missing from those seeds. That’s how you get feminized cannabis seeds. That pollen is used to pollinate another female plant, and the offspring of those two plants will all be female since both of the parents were female.

Hi! JavaScript is disabled. These clones went into flower 7/6 and 7/10 respectively.

That is why growers always remove male marijuana plants from the female ones.

This is how seedbanks get female pollen to produce feminized seeds. Some strains take more time to develop buds, especially outdoors and spend months of vegetative growth with just a few female preflowers (hairs) here and there.

Since there were no male plants, chances are this was caused by an unnoticed hermie somewhere in the grow space. Love your site.

You certainly do not want to keep them with your female marijuana plants due to the risk of pollination. Is this true? A hermaphrodite plant is often use din the creation of feminized seeds. Hello, I have a plant in flower , week 6. Thanks for reading and commenting! What Causes Nutrient Deficiencies in the Flowering Stage? I’ve never heard of that before…. However, these feminizing techniques may lead to producing hermaphrodite plants. First of all, a Marijuana plant may be either male or female (dioecious) or hermaphrodite (monoecious).

Changes in the phyllotaxy (leaves growing along the stalk) indicate sexual maturity in Cannabis plants, but it doesn’t show if a plant is male or female. Thanks n. Hi Vic! It is possible for a true hermaphrodite to grow into a female plant, but the slightest stress will likely undo your chances. Female‌ ‌plants‌ that ‌are‌ ‌deprived‌ ‌of‌ ‌pollen ‌produce‌ ‌bigger‌ ‌and‌ ‌fatter‌ ‌buds‌ ‌with‌ ‌no‌ ‌seeds‌ ‌in‌ ‌them. Thanks for reading and commenting. they have been growing since May?? When plants are early in the veg stage, leaves and branches grow opposite to each other.

A pollinated female plant will spend most of its resources growing lots of seeds and will stop developing the buds, thus reducing your yield significantly. Take care of these potentially stressful actions earlier during the vegetative stage. Roots: The Most Important Part of Your Plant!

* 12L: 12D = 12 hours of light, 12 hours of darkness For flowering stage. A magnifying glass may be useful too. But yes if it was a hermie the seeds will be female there is no Y chromosome, and yes the chances of those plants being hermie will increase, it's only natural that if there is no Male around the plant will ensure self pollination for future generations those plants that did survived its natural selection. A few yellow hermie bananas hidden in the buds can also produce pollen. You can use hermaphrodite plants to help create feminized seeds, which will help you with growth in the future. With good feminized seeds, you know that if you’re growing 10 plants, all 10 of them will make buds, and that makes it easier to plan out your grow ahead of time. Now you can easily identify male or female Cannabis plants, even two types of hermaphrodites. If the plant is a hermie that has been pollinated and also it’s growing its own pollen sacs (the ones that look like bananas) in … Have a great grow and congratulations on your seed project! There are a few different ways to feminize seeds, but some choose to encourage a female plant to become hermaphroditic. Seeds are not the end of the world, but it’s good to avoid if possible. All were female. After all, if the male and female flowers are present on the same plant, it’s obviously going to be easier for the plant to pollinate the female flowers and produce seeds. In order to create a feminized seed, one of the parent female plants had to be forced in some way to produce pollen. Now let them dry and keep an eye for new seeds. Still a higher risk of hermaphrodism but through proper testing and breeding can be good. Hi! Can I send a picture to contact@growithjane.com for an opinion? What training methods will increase yields? Thanks for reading and commenting!

But that also means every time you have a feminized seed, that seed had a plant that produced male flowers in its recent genetic history.

But again…The rest of the plants went in flowering stage weeks after the mystery seed started to flower. How to Look at Trichomes with a Magnifier, 10 Tips and Tricks for Growing Weed Indoors, Get the Solution to 99% of Cannabis Growing Problems. It explains all you need to know about the photoperiod and what does the plant need at this stage. But accidental seeds could also be the result of herming by an indiscriminate grower, and that means you have feminized seeds, sort of. Male preflowers develop first and very fast! I’d get rid of the plants that had already shown male or hermaphrodite preflowers NOW because they will soon start to pollinate your female plants, end up with lots of seeds and few buds.

Since you know the most common causes of hermies among marijuana plants, avoiding those causes is the best way to prevent hermaphroditism. As a reminder, to identify the male traits, you want to look for yellow flowers that are banana-shaped. In this second case, you don’t know what to expect, and neither does the breeder.

I only purchase seeds from breeders that I trust and all the resulting seeds have been bud-bearing females. Started in a space bucket before the indoor tent setup, it was practically dead after germination. In most cases, if a strain gets too many complaints about hermaphrodites, it will be removed from the market. Hi Fred! The pollen from a hermie plant makes feminized seeds The pollen sacs on this masculinized female plant have opened and pollen has spilled onto the leaf below I though my plants had hermed 3 weeks into flower but now I’m seeing pistols coming out of what look like pollen sacs.

These are a common frustration for growers and exhibit traits of both male and female plants. But if you have very seedy buds, it significantly lowers your yields because plants are putting all their energy into making seeds.

To find out soon your plant gender and weed out the male and hermaphrodite plants before they start pollinating the females, especially if you don’t know where your seed comes from.

I haven’t been able to confirm the sex as of yet. For example, if the plant grows under a very potent street light during the “night time”, that may delay flowering too. Every grower has asked these questions at some point.

Can I Create Cannabis Nutrients from Scratch? A of mine told me you can ‘change the sex’ of a plant by pinching off the little balls of a male plant. Never mess with seeds pulled from the plant that hermied! They would have preferred to use those resources on a female plant and get more buds. Cheers. November 15-2017. You are using an out of date browser. Also, extreme conditions of weather, resources and location change can cause female cannabis plants to grow pollinators in reaction to stressors. Many growers believe that feminized seeds can cause hermies, and there is some truth to that.

This is particularly important when the plants are in their flowering stage. Both of the plants where female, and I saw no bananas on them. The proper way to produce feminized seed is to vet a solid stable Female. The seed produced just under an ounce harvest. While male plants produce pollen sacs, feminized seeds ensure all your plants will end up being bud-bearing females (instead of growing half male and half female plants like with regular seeds). It may not display this or other websites correctly.

Upload them to the Grow with Jane app. To get further help, you can take some close photos of the nodes (where the branches meet the stem), upload them to the Grow with Jane app and we’ll be happy to take a look. Cannabis pollen is transported via wind, airborne Cannabis pollen may travel up to 5 km around just to find a suitable female flower to pollinate. Since most growers are trying to grow sinsemilla, having only 100% female plants in the flowering grow room is crucial to prevent pollination.

What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds? However, the triggering of the flowering stage does not depend on these factors: the change in the photoperiod is what determines when the plants start growing more and more pistils (or pollen sacs). Be extra careful if you are growing male plants near them, better keep them separated to avoid accidents. A hermaphrodite plant will be introduced to a crop of female cannabis plants while using hormones and other chemicals. There are a few different ways to feminize seeds, but some choose to encourage a female plant to become hermaphroditic. Notice the lumpy round bits. * 18L: 6D = 18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness. If they are undeveloped female preflowers, soon they’ll show the pistils (hairs). But it has other uses, as collecting seeds to preserve Cannabis genetics or pollen. That is the best thing you can do for any strain to ensure a smooth grow. Hi Jane! Fire Protection: Only You Can Prevent Grow Room Fires! This whole structure is called “pistil”.

I can send photos if someone wants to help. Luckily, each gender has unique characteristics that set them apart and help growers identify them easily. If you want to be sure, you can send me some close photos of the preflowers you see and the whole plant to contact@growithjane.com and I’ll help you figure it out. It’s better to keep them in a dark humid place, for example between two plates in a damped napkin.

I personally prefer feminized seeds, and that’s the only type of seed I grow.

I later learned this strain is prone to do so.

After all, feminized seeds allow you to rest easy knowing that all of your plants are female, so there is no concern about male pollination, and all will produce potent buds. Yes! What are the Best Cannabis Nutrient Brands? One other thing. It could be that a stray male plant caused them, which means there were no hermies and you will get about half male and half female plants. Hello Kris!

2 strikes; femmed seed, and a hermie.

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