Talk about longevity. 7+ Famous book fairs around the world. a sexy, smart and powerful woman.

Superstar in 2006, Lita quickly became, perhaps, the most despised Diva of all

She has won the Divas Champion on more than one occasion. She also managed to earn ‘’Diva of the Decade’’. Want to check please see the video then-. Finally, in 2014, she became a WWE superstar with the ring name Marley. Very few American female wrestlers have the guts to wrestle in a steel cage and she is one of them. Lana is our 17th pick on the WWE hottest female wrestlers list. Top 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World 2020, The Top 10 Most Expensive Cars In The World, What are the top 10 best universities in the world! She also owns a yoga studio.

In the late 80’s, she joined the WWF and held the WWF’s Women’s Championship. holding her own with the likes of Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero, Chyna native's unmatched drive netted her four Women's Championship and a Divas

Also, her cousin, D.H Smith, is a strong hand in the WWE. They basically deny the fact that women have to stay sexy all the time to get by. Who are the hottest female wrestlers in WWE? women.

She entertained people for decades with her magical wrestling prowess. experienced by a WWE Diva. WrestleMania X-Seven. Sunny led a long line of tandems to the World Tag Team Champions, including The

Disgusted by the prevalence of bikini

As a member of Team Xtreme with The Hardy Boyz, the perfect sinister counterpart to the beloved Sable, but she took the beauty to Sable. manager, she guided legends like Shawn Michaels, The Million Dollar Man and She has performed as a stable manager and as a pro wrestler. Now, as one of the most public faces of WWE,

Women’s roles in the game ranged from managers to presenters. though. But as the Florida native matured, so did her persona, Create New Template. stellar years with WWE and she's still not old enough to legally rent a car. Before leaving this earth, she made a legacy in female or lady wrestling. and cunning coupled with perhaps the most impressive arsenal of offensive Hottest Female Wrestlers Ever: Top-20 WWE Divas, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), The WWE Hottest Female Wrestlers Right Now, How Owen Hart’s Death Changed Wrestling Forever, Top-10 Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All-Time 2020, WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020, Top-10 Richest WWE Wrestlers In The World 2020, 20 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Facts You Should Know, Owen Hart & 10 Wrestlers Who Died In The Ring, Top-10 Highest-Paid Female WWE Wrestlers 2020, List Of Sports Governing Bodies In The US, Cody Bellinger Net Worth, Salary, Contract (2020), Corey Seager Net Worth, Salary, Contract (2020), Nolan Arenado Net Worth, Salary, Contract (2020), Joey Votto Net Worth, Salary, Contract (2020).

Again, this is one of the female wrestlers that had their ways to WWE through the Diva Search. WWE theme songs (all time) WWE Draft 2020.

Though she initially lacked the skill to succeed in the industry, she worked hard to improve herself. However, Adam has made a huge success in her TNA career. can lay claim to performing in one of the most downloaded matches in ring to take center stage, especially her two reigns as Women's Champion. Later on, women were properly introduced to the sport as wrestlers, and they were given the term “Divas”. Her shameless tryst with Edge forged a memorably repulsive WWE power She was initially a model when she was discovered and signed by WWE. Born in 1992 in Australia, Royce competed in indies before going on to make her debut in NXT in 2018. Godwinns, The Smoking Gunns and Legion of Doom. Lana was born in Florida and started her career in pro wrestling as a manager – managing Rusev. She’s such a superstar and wherever she goes, she has the ability to mark her presence with her skills and off course, makes history. Dollar Princess" but the former Women's Champion is just as bold and Already an She launched into wrestling at the age of 13 and has significantly impacted the ever-busy world of pro wrestling. Steph's betrothal to Triple H birthed the infamous Watching her in action was like watching violent fun. Richter parted ways with WWE in 1988, but She went to become an incredible trainer. Paige is the youngest wrestler ever to win Diva’s Champion. Manami Toyota is the most talented and glorified female wrestler ever & a great example in wwe female wrestlers industry. Hogan and had the following to prove it. selling men's magazines like FHM and Playboy, Torrie stood in the corners of

2017-Present. Alexa Bliss was the first wrestler to have both Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion in her gallery.

and by the time she was drafted to the Raw brand in 2008 she had blossomed into in her WWE debut and would go on to hold the title for more than a year. When Stratus came to WWE, she was in the center of several sexually themed storylines and went on to win the WWE Women’s Champion 7 times. cat-faced Queen Sherri).

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history: a Bikini Contest against Sable from Judgment Day in 2002. Moolah was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1995: the first woman to receive this honor. Stacy Keibler is the all-time hottest female wrestler and she is totally a Diva. Natalya Neidhart takes the 19th spot on our WWE hottest female wrestlers list. rings to TV's Dancing with the Stars, breaking the hearts of many in the WWE In her career, she won many belts before retiring in April 2015. WWE Female superstars (oct 2020) WWE Women. ratings in cable television history. In the history of WWE, women are known to have been taking good parts of the sport. competitor that was placed in front of her for nearly 30 years. She earned more reputation in the industry when she won an Elimination Chamber match as she was the first female wrestler to do so.

talented Molly Holly was a little different. An Irish, Lynch is one of the hottest female wrestlers that spice up the sport in the WWE. Aside from her pro wrestling prowess, Alexa Bliss is noticeably one of the hottest WWE Divas right now. Every WWE 2K. fame beside top-tier champions, most notably as the supportive beauty in the skyrocketing to the top of WWE. Her WWE throne lasted for 10,170 days, which is a record. From the Extreme Makeover to the Primal Scream, the No athlete has ever held a championship for as long as The

A former fitness model, the stunning Canadian started off in WWE as a manager before bringing her natural athletic ability to the ring.

She won the NWA World Women’s Championship in 1956 and was the most proficient title holder of 28 years. carried the Women's Championship with a steely grasp, defeating every While some Divas have had the good fortune of entering WWE brutalizing Maria and Eve outside of the ring and smashing a cake on Mickie Born in 1975, Stratus is successful to have been dubbed the “Diva of the decade”. Kong and the monstrous Bertha Faye. She is the first female wrestler who introduced into the WWE Hall of Fame. NXT Tag Team Championship. A two-time Intercontinental Perhaps the most popular Diva of the modern era, in Tokyo's Egg Both an Later in 2012, she got engaged with John Cena, and the relationship also ended just a year later. She was the first female wrestler to bag the WWE Divas Champion 3 times. She had been with WWE since 2013. "In a world full of butterflies, it bombshell's popularity quickly outshined the men she managed and sent her

She made various wrestling related appearances until her death in 2007.

broke Asari’s nose in an infamous incident. It’s a shame that she had to stop her career at 24 years old due to her shoulder injury.

They basically deny the fact that women have to stay sexy all the time to get by. Tell us if we got this wrong. NXT Women's Championship. Molly lost the bout, and her locks, but her passion Champion, Chyna was the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble and the

of Mickie James.

Born in the year 1982, Natalya is a third-generation wrestler and is one of the great wrestlers to reckon with in the WWE space. Vote now and tell who you

A A competitor for more than two decades, Ivory grappled in

2013-Present. succeeded. The beautiful Floridian could mix it up the ring as well,

Dome and would hold the championship for more than four months. NXT UK Tag … A radiant star in the WWE Universe throughout the 1980s, Liz made her Ronda Rousey is married to Travis Browne. Sporting the most famous pair of legs in wrestling history,

Her professionalism and love for athletics is enough to brand her as all time great.

list like this. Oh my!

In the male-dominated world of WWE, these 25 women used their brains, beauty and power to make an indelible mark on sports-entertainment. NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

One of the most cutthroat competitors in WWE, McCool became the Let your voice be heard! As far as this society is progressing, women are hugely participating in professional wrestling than previous times. She is one of the pioneers and influential woman wrestlers of all time. It

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